Educational shows for kids

shows for kids
educational shows for kids

Today we are going to talk about educational shows for kids. In education the importance of shows cannot be underestimate. Its  becoming popular day to day life. The educational shows for kids make education more interesting and effective. Hence  schools are making full use of educational show and audio visual teaching aids to create topic interesting for kids.

How Educational Shows are benefit for kids:

1. Develop analytical skills

Kids develop analytical thinking. They start asking questions and determine in certain shows. Additionally they predict and solve problems. This makes active viewer and develop analytical skills which benefits for long run.

2. Positive Influence

Kids are mostly influenced by the people and the things they watch. This is sometime positive for kids, recently kids programs have started to promote positive topic like environmental awareness and healthy living during covid19.

3. Motivates kids to read books

Many new shows or movies are released every year for kids which are based on books. Parents ask kids to read books but they never like to do so. Moreover they watch shows happily , henceforth parents motivates them to read books before watching shows.

4.Inspire kids to  try new activities

Kids love their favorite characters engage in fun learning games, kids also learn activities more if they involve characters. Pre school show especially are effective for generating ideas for learning activities

5. Kids learn about variety of subjects

There are many shows on different subjects which help kids to learn about variety of the particular subjects. Documentary and nature shows are also entertaining and educational.

List of Educational shows for kids

Dora the explorer

shows for kids
Dora the explorer

This is an American animated cartoon series which makes kids to learn about map, thing used in tracking and exploring new things.

Jack and never land pirates.

 shows for kids
jack and the never land pirates

The pirate get tasks and as they complete the tasks they get gold coins and collecting all coins they have to put it into the treasure box but before putting the coins into treasure box they will count the coins. This shows helps kids to learn counting.

paw petrol

shows for kids
paw petrol

The pups are given different work to help people in trouble. this show help kids to gain knowledge about solving problems.


shows for kids

This educational show is based on Marc Brown’s book series. According to Rasmussen research has found that the  kids who watch this show develop perspective talking ,that helps kids to understand situation.

Mickey Mouse

shows for kids
mickey mouse

This is a cartoon show for kids on TV channels and also YouTube . Here Mickey Mouse is the main character who makes laugh to kids.

Seasame street

This is educational shows for kids. Here kids learn alphabets, numbers, colours and many more. This show is basically for preschoolers.


This shows is loved by kids. In this series pocoyo is the main character, he is aerobatic and likes to do new thing every day with his friends . Here kids learn to implement ideas of their own.


This is TV show cartoon for kids. Here main character is Pingu and sister Pinga. Pingu is always jealous of his sister Pinga. This is advent ours show

Word party

This is about word party. Here teaches words and songs. In this word goes everywhere with animal

Full House

This is a show for kids on TV or Netflix . This is story of widower who raise three little girl with  the help of brother in law. this is comedy show .

Bob the builder

This is totally educational shows for kids. Here kids learn about construction. Additionally problem solving and quick decision making.

Thomas and friends

This is a story based on adventure on Sodor islands. Here there is a truck name Thomas.

Noddy the Toyland Detective

This is animated cartoon shows for kids. Here Noddy is detective and try to solve mystery with his friends. So kids learn a lot different ideas to solve problem.

Ben 10

This is  a animated series for kids. Here ten years boy Name Ben 10 discovers device that allows him to transform in ten alignment alien.

Young Justice

This is animated series for kids. Here its about super hero and terrifying stories of friends.

Master chef Junior

this is show for kids . Most of kids like to cook and innovate in cooking. Here kids learn cooking and presentation.

Rise of the teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This 2Danimated series for kids. In this series Ninja and his turtles story , its frictional.

Sofia the first

This is  series shows for kids. Here Sofia is a girl child  whose life changes after her mother gets married to king. So Sofia  life takes a great change .

The Boss Baby Back in Business

This educational shows for kids. Here the Boss Baby tires to manage his family with his job.

Curious George

This series is interesting for kids .Here  the man in yellow hat tries very hard for George to save.

Myth Buster jr.

This is TV shows for kids. Here  science related shows are done for kids.


This series is for kids. Here kids learn about adventures how Pokémon do.

Phineas and Fern

This is animated series for kids. Here Phineas dos lots of adventures and kids learn from this shows to do in their summer vacation.


Lastly,  As a teacher I would to suggest all parents and teachers to show all this educational shows to kids and Moreover kids learn different morals from all this shows.

Educational games, educational shows, Educational videos , helps kids to learn and grasp ideas quickly and for long span of time.


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