Educational Games for kids: Types of games

games for kids

Educational games for kids play a vital role in the development of kids learning logic, teamwork, art, calculation, sportsmanship, and molding.

Educational games for kids   help to learn  certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand historical events, culture or assist them in learning skills as they play.

Apart from recreating  educational games for kids teach discipline. We all know all games have its own rules and regulation and the participation have to obey them without any discriminate

 Why ? Educational Games are useful for kids ;

  • Deeper level of understanding  and no repetition of knowledge.
  • Increase skill development and kids focus.
  • Make learning fun.
  • Motivate kids  the challenge of competition.
  • Provide different levels of complexity that match players’ ability.

 Types of Educational games are here under


Magic tiles

magic tiles

Most of the educational game help kids to improve hand and eye coordination.

Rob box


rob box


This is a creative educational game and friendly which helps to create their dream avatar .Here kids  like to copy their dream avatar.



This is a beneficial for brain functioning, strategic thinking, creative thinking pattern recognition. This game is very good for kids for brainstorming.

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle educational game contains mosaic designed pieces that interlock to form a picture. Here  Kids develop recognition, concentration, patience and sense of achievement.

Brain out

This is  a tricky puzzle game having series of brain teasers which tests the ability of thinking, accuracy, creativity. 


This games help child to learn calculation. Mostly kids acquire knowledge about business handling at basic level through games

Shifu space



This is an interesting game that helps to gain knowledge about, astronaut, scientist, planets, spelling, all about space 


                                                                                                  Vocabulary spelling city

Here children learn about vocabulary, reading, comprehension, grammar skills, spelling and about literature at every level.

Bubble Buster Addition

bubble buster addition


The players are asked to click on two bubble number to form number 10 and this has to be done as fast as possible.

This Educational game helps in learning addition, focus, time management.

Flipping pancakes fraction

Flipping correct equivalent number of pancake Shown in fraction. Kids learn logic thinking.

Cross word

Cross word is a logical word puzzle game. Here kids play on a paper that has white and black shaded boxes. This tests child’s logic, intelligence, patience.

Counting in kitchen

The players should count the number of foods shown on the screen. Here there is timer and limitation for the players, child should select the correct number of foods.

Animal Jam

This game is for early learner or preschooler. In this game kids learn about zoology.

Captain Toad

captain toad one of the best educational games. Here kids learn special  thinking and puzzles solving .


Prodigy game is based of full education of math’s. Here kids answer math’s question and get rewards, it is interactive element.

 Think roll

This  educational game is based on physic. kids learn about acceleration gravity and many more.

Tiny bop games

This educational games have ten science features for school. And kids learn about animal and space

Stop Motion studio

This educational games teach kids to be patience. Here helps kids to create animated master piece of their own.

Scatter gories

This is fun educational game allow kids to think more about the subject. Here students are split in two team and ask them to write categories on piece of paper randomly .


This educational games is great to encourage all students in their classroom for learning concern subject. Here child come in front of the board to describe the specific subject.

Pop tropic

Here kids play and learn . This game is mostly for early learner. Kids learn rhyming words to match.

Matching the rhyming words

This is educational game for early learner. Here kids learn the rhyming words very quickly


This is square puzzle game for kids. Here kids learn to make different colours and shapes.


This game is played by 4 players. Here the child learns management, building and calculation.


This game is good for kids to increase thinking and reasoning skills. Here child learns vocabulary at basic level.

Snake and ladders

This is very old traditional game for kids and adults. Here kids learn to play and count numbers in ascending and descending order.

 Element of educational  games  for kids:

  1. Goals
  2. Chance of winning
  3. Challenge
  4. Feedback

These elements help kids to learn , how to set goals for their future. They develop to mind set for failure and challenges.

Importance of Educational games for kids:

Educational games play great role for the development of kids health and body.

These games teaches kids qualities of leadership, teamwork, obedience, discipline and brotherhood for the unity of our country.

Lastly ,                                                                                          we would like to suggest all parents and teachers to go through the Educational games , Educational websites, Educational APPEducational toys  and this will help kids learn and grasp knowledge easily .Moreover teachers can use all this educational tools for teaching kids .


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