Educational apps for kids : 20 Best Apps and Benefits

apps for kids

Today’s scenario educational apps are very important. As due to lockdown, it was very tough to engage kids. At this time of covid19, Educational app has played a great role for kids, parents and teachers. Through this app teachers were able to teach kids online.

From March to Feb kids were attaining classes online, just because of Educational app like Google and also Educational website have helped a lot for all ages of kids.

Here we are going to discuss about the different types of educational apps one by one and importance:

1. Star fall

apps for kids

This app help kids acquisition of language and profound knowledge. Kids learn alphabets, vowel and vocabulary. This is a great app for kids age 2to 5years.It helps child with basic education from home.

2.Brain Popapps for kids

This app kids learn through videos, kids are engaged in short videos. Additionally, they can watch movies in week days. This app is one of the best for kid’s age 6to 7 years.


3.Swift playgroundapps for kids

Here the child learns to code through playing way like puzzles and dynamical visuals. This educational app is a store of fun to play with codes. This app is too good for kids of 9years to above.

4.Light bot

apps for kids

Here kids learn computer programming and they come across the basic construction of coding.

5.Hungry caterpillar play schoolapps for kids

This is best educational app for preschoolers. Numbers reading here kids learn though fun way, with this app child learn in realistic and 3d skills. Importantly, kids learn Shapes, colours.

 6.Quick Math’sapps for kids

Quick math’s is one of the best apps to learn calculation, tables and all mathematic skills. This app helps kids to think logically and do reasoning quickly.

7.Dragon BOX

apps for kids This is one of the important apps for kids, as this app is based on algebra game. It teaches children   about algebraic method at the basic level.

8.Science 360

This is a great app , It provides knowledge about science to kids. Here all about science are found.

9.YouTube kids

The YouTube kid’s app is mostly for kids. Here kids learn Rhymes, Alphabets, Crafts , numbers and many more.

10.Cross word puzzle

Cross word puzzle teaches kids a lot. Here kids acquire knowledge about different sections such as shapes, names, vegetables, colours, animals and body parts. Additionally, kids learn logical, reasoning skills.

11.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is famous among children, parents and teachers. This is  a totally educative app, it aims to videos, map, pictures.


It is an app that helps kids as well as adults to learn different languages of different countries at home digitally. There are many languages to learn in the app.  A very helpful app for any age group to learn various languages.


Edx is online educational app. This app has an online university course in all streams. Some courses are free on this educational app Edx is an organization that has no profit. In one sense it is a free platform.

14.Google play book

The Google play book is an eBook for learning and reading. This educational app helps kids to improve their Reading skills. This app can also be called as an online library.

15.Spelling stage

usually kids find spelling difficult, so the app has made interesting for kids to learn spelling easy way. This app is for preschooler to grownup.

16. Amazon Kindle

This app provides eBook store. Here kids can download and read, as well it develops reading habits of children. This app enhances kids reading skills.


This app is helpful for the child and educator both .On this platform kids are able to learn by themselves and prepare for any competitive exams like NEET, IIT.


This app is mostly for education. In this app, it provides different subject course online and develop Childs academic brain. Here kids learn online and also doubt session is available.


Vedantu is totally learning app for kids. This platform has a great learning method. Here  the child learns their school course very easy way and fun method.

20.Taco Hair Salon 3

This app is good for kids, who like to dress up and hair style, also crafty. Here kids imagine and do their creativity in dressing.

Benefits of Educational app

Distant learning app

Educational way from classroom helps children to understand and progress fast. This also improves kids, how to be savoy to technology.

Learning and Entertainment

All learning or Educational apps are a combination of learning and entertainment .Additionally, kids enjoy learning and help the child to reduce the classroom stress.

Improve Communication

Using of educational apps improves communication of kids, and also helps parents as well, so that they learn self esteem.

In this write up, we would like to say that all educational apps mean the work with a smart phone or Tablet now a day’s almost all school use their own educational app for the progress of the school. This app reduces the weight of books for the kids. Teachers use this app to monitor student and give assignments.






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