Do not Let Tragedy Take Your Fun – 8 Pool Safety for Kids


As school holidays are approaching, fun and enjoyment are just about to begin. Spending time with family on holidays becomes more fun in the pool. Splashing water, playing merrily, throwing a ball, how wonderful can that be! Just when you will be thinking that this is the best holiday ever, one incident can spoil all the fun. Unfortunately, accidents of kids from drowning in pools while playing are very common. Just because accidents do not come with prior notification on your mobile phone, they are unchangeable. However, following pool safety for kids can let your holidays be a fun time to remember.

Children Below Six Years Should Avoid Jacuzzis 

Bathing in a Jacuzzi is nothing less than pure bliss. However, the hot water of Jacuzzis is not suitable for everyone. For children below eight years of age, Jacuzzi is not a safe place for them. No infants or toddlers should have permission to enter a Jacuzzi.

Irrespective of ages, it is also a recommendation to keep the temperature of the Jacuzzi lower than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Before jumping into the water, use a spa thermometer to detect the temperature.

Kids Should Not Go To The Pool Alone

Most of the cases of drowning happen when the kids get into the pool without adult supervision. This is a strict rule of pool safety for kids, which asks never to go to the pool if no adult person is around. Even if the kid is an intermediate in swimming, having an adult to look after her while she enjoys her time is necessary.

Jump In With Your Feet Not Head

Diving into a swimming pool at home is not a good idea no matter how much you want to do that stunt. The water of the pools at home is not that shallow enough and accidents can happen. Moreover, parents or adults appreciate kids jumping into the water with their feet. A head diving is something your kid should refrain from. Having adult supervision can prevent your kid from performing an unsafe solo stunt. Hence, make sure to consider this as a pool safety for kids and keep yourself prepared.

Glass Items Near Your Pool Is A Big No

The area surrounding the pool can be extremely slippery and wet. Keeping a glass item near the pool is thus less wise than you think it to be. You can keep a table near the pool, but away from it and occasionally come out to sip the refreshing drink. But, you should never keep it close to the pool. Wet feet, slippery floors, and glass are not even good friends that they will cooperate. Keeping them away from each other is the best thing you can do. 

Buy A Pool Safety Cover Today

This is a necessary part of the pool safety for kids. Most people think using a pool safety cover is of tertiary importance. It is up to you how bad you want to avoid an accident from taking place. Pools at night can be deadly for kids if they slip and fall into it. Using a pool safety cover and having enough lights to illuminate the pool area can be a good precaution.

No Running Around The Pool

Yes, you are ecstatic and you are glad that your holidays are finally in but slight negligence can make troubles. There should be no running around the pools even if you are a marathon runner. The slippery ground and your wet feet as said before are not good friends to cooperate. You can trip off and injure yourself badly. Isn’t that enough to spoil the whole fun of the holidays?

Avoid Keeping Rolling Toys Near The Pool

This is a necessary part of the pool safety for kids. Why do you need so many toys with you to go to the pool? Bathing in pools is itself super fun and you do not need your toy family to come with you. Just a big ball is enough to play with your family. Rolling toys like small toy cars or small balls can be dangerous to you as well for others. Anyone who misses out can put a foot on it and create a scene of sadness. C’mon, you do not want your parents to stop the pool party for an unwanted incident.

Stay Careful Even After Leaving The Pool

No, you should just jump around here and there, after leaving the pool. Dancing to your home from the backyard in a super wet condition is not a good idea. You should let your mom, dad or anyone else know that you are leaving the pool. Remember to get yourself dry before stepping inside to avoid the floor of your home to become prone to injuries.

Taking precautions while having a nice time can keep hazards at bay. These were some of the safety tips for kids, which you should follow. For injury-free holidays, stay aware and careful while enjoying. Pools can be fun as long as you are aware. So, keep these rules or tips on pool safety for kids and know water safety.


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