Can You travel outside the US and the places to visit?

travel outside US

US countryUnites States of America (US)

Every human wishes to travel outside his environment once in a while. It is a matter of refreshing ourselves from the daily busy schedule. when it come sto travel abroad,US comes first. The great American experience is about so many things. Bluegrass and beaches snow covered peaks and redwood forests, famous cities and open skies.US is a country of road trips and wildernesses, the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest’s and the deserts of Death Valley. This land has brimming metropolis of New York City and jazz loving New Orleans. America is a country filled with an overwhelming range of cultures, cuisines and entertainment.

Top 5 places in US

The Grand Canon- It is really worth the hype. The answer is a resounding yes. Peer over the edge and you will confront the power and the, mystery of this earth we live on. Once you see it, no other natural phenomenon quite compares.

Las Vegas- Since it is an eon fuelled ride through slot machines clinking martini glasses. DJ’s spinning their hypnotic beat still dawn visit Paris.  A tropical island and the Wild West and one night all for the price of a pocket chip.

Pacific Coast Highways-Stunning coastal highways wind their way down the west coast from Canada to the Mexican border. They offer dramatic scenery that is hard to match anywhere else in the world.

Native American Sites- the Southwest is Native American country with a fantastic array if sights covering both the distant past and the present. For living cultures, pay a visit to the Navajo Nation.

New York City-  Home to striving artist’s hedge fund moguls and immigrants from every corner of the globe. New York City is constantly reinventing itself. As every New Yorker does hit the streets, you will cross continents on even a short walk.

These are some of the famous cities worth to travel when you plan to travel US. Further, let’s see what are the places that we can travel outside the US



Travel outside US

There are a set of travel restrictions imposed to American due to the rising covid cases. If you are an American, you can travel to Egypt, Maldives, Tanzania, French Polynesia, Dubai and Croatia. That’s right; you can go to any of these places without having to quarantine. Let’s talk about Croatia. It’s beautiful. There are beautiful friendly people. So what you need is the covid test before 48 hours of travel. You can get your test for rapid antigen at the cvs drive through.  The results will be out within 72 hours of the swab test.

Dubai is also a wonder destination that is open for the Americans to travel. They have dinosaur skeletons in their shopping malls and also have sharks n their shopping malls. They have awesome shopping malls, but there is even more stuff to do in Dubai. You can go to Dubai; you can go to dune smashing. The amazing decadence and architecture of city of Dubai or the emirate of Dubai, this only requires the covid test within the last 96 hours of arrival. This should be much easier for you to get in America especially if you are getting a 15 minute test. You also need to have the travel insurance in Dubai.

When you think of the Egypt, you probably think of the pyramid. But there is more to see than the pyramids. The boating in the Nile river of Egypt is really classy and a fancy experience where you can enjoy. You must have the current test within the 72hours before the visit.

As the number of the covid cases vary with their pattern, it’s important to have the regular updates. America stands top in holding the number of the corona cases in the world.


When to visit US and its cost

The high season runs from June to august. So expect crowds and high temperatures October. April to May have milder weather and fewer visitors. So it is very important to plan according to the purpose of the visit.

It is important for an American to check the rules and regulations before visiting other country or state outside US. But all countries require the corona testing report before the certain hours of the travel. Before the travel plans, make sure if the destination country has not blocked the immigration from America due to the rise in the corona cases.

Travel costs in the US can range from less than 100$ a day If you choose budget hotels and public transport. It takes to over $250 a day for resorts and big nights out. Rental cars can start from $30 per day. If you want to travel outside US consider domestic flights for long journeys, if your time is limited. What other country has such natural beauty coupled with fascinating cities to explore?


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