Best Ways To Remove Splinter From A Child’s Skin


Generally, Kids don’t know about the small hazards, which will hurt the child at the playing time, and a splinter is a common injury in them. There are some materials to get a break to small splinters like metal, plastic, wood, and glass. Here is how to remove the splinter from a child’s skin and how to handle this situation.

Before To Remove Splinter From A Child’s Skin

Different Ways to Remove Splinter From A Child’s Skin

Things To Do After Splinter Comes Out

Precautionary Measures To Your Kid From The Splinters

Consulting A Doctor

Before To Remove Splinter From A Child’s Skin:

To remove the splinter from a child’s skin is not the easy thing to handle it. As the kids do not support you to remove it, and more chances to send the splinter deep into the skin. Before removing, take support from someone to hold your kid at the time of removing it. Before removing hands and the area also make clean it. Clean the objects like clippers, needles, tweezers, and also sterilize it. Don’t leave patience and Stay calm, and it may get fear in kids. When there are calm, at that time, they will feel cooperate and secure. So you can remove it easily. Once it comes out, keep the antibacterial liquid in that area.

Different Ways to Remove Splinter From A Child’s Skin:

There are many methods to remove the splinter from a child’s skin. Which method you have select and must clean that part with soap and water. Make the skin dry with a clean towel. Splinter is not deeper to the skin, and you able to see it, and some ways are mention below.

1. Tweezer

It is the best general method for removing a splinter from a child’s skin. When using the needle or a tweezer, before only sterilize with alcohol by rub it. You will also use the disposal needle from the medical shop. In case the splinter is present at the edge, and you can see it. At that time, slowly remove it with a clean tweezer toward the outside.

But you cannot see the tip of it and then free the splinter by using a needle close to it. Now with the use of tweezer, make the splinter to come out. After removing the splinter, clean that area with the alcohol.

So it better to know the process to the kid before to don’t shake it, and any cause of injury will avoid. 

2. Tape

This way will workout at the splinter is the superficial or big one. You can use the packing tape or duct tape at the surrounding part around the splinter. Now stick the tape at the splinter area and then slowly remove the tape. It is an easy and painless process to remove the splinter from the kid’s hand, foot, or finger.

3. Baking soda

From the few reports says, soak the area with the mix of baking soda, and water will help to remove the splinter from a child’s skin. First, take one spoon of baking soda and the water in that glass and then soaking the area affects in it two times a day. By doing this, it will come out without any effect on it. This way is done easily for the parts like hands, which will dip into that water glass.

4. Drawing Salve method

From the evidence of anecdotal, the Drawing Salve method will be useful for removing splinters. This is the ointment obtain from a material known as ichthammol. You will buy this one from the counter. Applying this one in that area and after keep the bandage on it. One day after, bandage removes slowly, and the splinter will stick to that bandage. 

5. Glue

This method is not a good one to remove the splinter from a child’s skin. Some times works best with the craft or white wood glue. Applying the craft or white glue at that area and leave some time to get dry. Then remove it, and splinter also comes out with it.

Things To Do After Splinter Comes Out:

After the splinter comes out, then make these below tips:

  • First, clean that area with the soap and water cleanly.
  • Dry it using the clean towel, after keep the antibiotic creams like neomycin, mupirocin, or fusidic acid, and using bandage cover it. 
  • Get any pain in that area, rub with ice on it.

In case you have any issues with it for your kid, take hime to the doctor immediately.

Precautionary Measures To Your Kid From The Splinters:

Below are some measures to reduce the chances of getting an injury from splinters:

  • Keep some bushes and plants away from kids as try bark or thorns, which contains splinter in it.
  • Check the playground things clearly for frayed objects has the splinter in it, and repair it.
  • Glass object is broken in your house immediately clean the entire area with the vacuum and mop it.
  • Wear the shoes to avoid splinter from a child’s skin at the outside playing.

Consulting A Doctor

Majority cases the splinters will come out at home itself by using the above ways, but few cases to remove the splinter from baby skin require the help of a doctor. These situations, you need to meet the doctor:

  • If the splinter is big and getting more pain to your children.
  • It presents too deeper to the skin and unable to remove it.
  • Splinter breaks off inside at the time, trying to remove it.
  • If you see some situations in that area like redness, pus, swelling, or warmth.

Many of the splinters are come out at home only. If anything serious, immediately consult the doctor to remove it from your children.

Get details about, child safety awareness that needs to take.


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