Best food gifts for any occasion


Gifts are a gesture of love, care, respect, gratitude and many more emotions. Gifts are presents given on an occasion of happiness like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, on achieving something and further many other moments. One can think of gifting many things and it varies from instance to instance and person to person. Best food gift baskets and food hampers are the best food gifts to send. Further, food gifts are perfect for foodies and people would like to eat varieties of food.

Gifts – a sweet gesture.

There are several food gifts that one can offer on occasion like hampers, best food gift baskets and so on. Not only on occasions like birthdays, weddings, events but one can also gift food hampers on festivals like Diwali, Eid etc.

Best food gift basket:

Best food gifts
Send some love by gifting the best food gifts.

A Gift basket is eateries packed into a gift and delivered to the person on a special day. Moreover, this best food gift basket contains a variety of food gifts like jam, chocolates, fruits, crackers, cheese. Thus, the best food gifts to send are food wrapped in attractive basket and papers which is decoratively presented on the occasion.

One can also gift a best fruit bouquet which is more like best food gift baskets at memorable events. Because this is stock of various fruits tied up in a bouquet and delivered as a gesture of present. Therefore, it is a perfectly embellished collection of various tasty fruits cut in attractive shapes and arranged in a way that it resembles a bouquet of flower. So, the common fruits that are included in a fruit bouquet are grapes, apple, pomegranates, strawberry, litchi, pineapple etc.

Gift Hampers:

Wrap up some love in form of hampers.

It is a collection of the best food and drink items. So, a hamper is like gift basket that is a decorative arrangement and presentation of collective foods and drinks in form of a gift. The arrangements include food and drinks mainly like chocolates, dry fruits, cakes, champagne and many other things.

There are many types of hampers specifically designed to meet different types of occasions like birthday hamper, valentine hamper, festival hamper, wedding hamper and furthermore. So, you can also get ready-made customisable hampers that contain items other than food and drinks like essential oil, air diffusers, toiletries, skin and body care and so on. Thus, a gift hamper is like gift basket that is best food gift to send that is anything that you wrap and accessorize according to the event.

Best Food Gifts to send:

In our day to day life, we come across many instances and events which we celebrate. All these events involve a habit of offering each other the best gifts. There are various options of gifts but presenting someone homemade food basket gifts has its special significance. These foods are best food gifts to send.

So, here are some of the ideas that you can use to gift foods like;

  • Baked cakes
  • Cookies
  • Wine and Liquor
  • Cheese crackers
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Fudge
  • Kheer
  • Gulaab Jamun
  • Pudding
  • Muffin
  • Thick shake
  • Cold coffee
  • Lasagna
  • Hot chocolate
  • Jar cake
  • Mousse cake
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolates and so on.

Baked Cakes:

Cakes are one of the best desserts that you can gift. Baked cakes are best food gifts to send. These are often celebratory dish. There are numerous recipes to bake a cake. Therefore, you can choose the best from the rest and bake it, pack it and gift it.


This is a snack and is best food gifts to send. You can also call them biscuits. Cookies are one of the best food gifts to send. The Cookie can be baked or cooked that is usually small crunchy and sweet. You can bake cookies in different flavours and tastes. You can decorate and wrap cookies in adorable food gift basket. 

Wine and Liquor:

One considers wine as a celebratory drink. It is generally gifted on dates, Christmas events, on happy new year celebration and furthermore. People prefer consuming wine at parties and events. There are a variety of wines that one can choose from like red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, fruit wine and much more. But, you can also gift champagne, gin and other types of liquor.

Cheese crackers:

These are like cookies. Cheese crackers are cheesy and crunchy snack. One good baker will always love to bake these crackers and gift them to their loved ones. Homemade cheese crackers are no junk, orange cheddar cheese. Therefore, it is one of the best choices of food gifts to send.

Chocolate truffles:

It is a type of dessert that is best food gift to send. Chocolate truffles chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut or nuts. These are in cone, sphere or curvy shape. One can make truffles and so, pack it decoratively then present as a gesture of best wishes. These are one of the common gifts of Christmas. Chocolate truffles are tremendous choice of food gift baskets.


It is another type of dessert. Fudge is moreover like sugar candy. The ingredients involved are sugar, butter and milk. These ingredients are mixed and made into a ball. The ball is then put in between fondant icing or hard caramels. Presenting homemade fudge on any memorable occasion is a fantastic idea of best food gifts to send.


It is an Indian dish. Kheer usually served on many festivals and special occasions. It is a type of pudding. Preparation of kheer involves milk, sugar, rice. Bulgur wheat, vermicelli, millets can be alternative of rice. One can serve it hot or chilled as per preference. So, you can consider kheer as one of the best delicacies to gift.

Gulab Jamun:

It is a type of sweet dish. Gulab Jamun is famous in the Indian sub-continent. People prefer preparing this for many Indian festivals like Diwali, Dusshera and others. It is a milk solid based Indian sweet. One can also get instant ready to mix packets of gulab jamun from any nearby groceries or hypermarket and prepare it in no time. Gulab jamun is one of the good food gifts.


It is mouth-watering and the best food gift to send your loved ones on various occasions. Pudding can be both sweet and spicy, therefore it depends on one’s choice and taste. There are many varieties of pudding. It is easy to make. There are many instant mix packs available on the market that offers distinct flavours.


It is another type of dessert that one can never get enough of. To gift muffins in a decoratively arranged box is an idea of the best food gift to send. You can bake muffins in two different types like flatbread or cupcake type. One can prepare it at home using all the baking ingredients or can even buy muffin mix packets and bake them.

Thick shake:

Milkshakes or thick shakes are a mixture of milk, ice cream and other sweeteners. It is easy to make. One can top it with many types of fruits or dry fruits. So, you can garnish and present it to someone.

Cold coffee:

Iced coffee or cold coffee is a cold beverage. One can add sugar, water or milk and ice cubes then blend it well. Finally serve cold. Cold coffee is mood refreshing cold beverage. So, it is the best choice to blend a coffee into the best food gifts to send.


It is an Italian dish, loaded with yummy mozzarella cheese. You can make lasagna and serve it hot as a gesture of homemade food gift. One can decoratively plate it and celebrate with some cold drinks as sides.

Hot chocolate:

It is a drink consisting of melted chocolate, cocoa powder, milk or water with sweetener. Hot chocolate can also be topped with whipped cream or marshmallows. Serve it hot and enhance the occasion. Thus, one can consider it as the right choice of food gift.

Jar cake:

This is a beautifully embellished delicacy. It is tastier than it looks. Jar cake placed in a jar and topped with a lot of decorative toppings like whipped cream, jams, fruits and much more. So, it is one of the best food gifts to send and adore the event. One can consider this as celestial choice of best food gift baskets.

Mousse cake:

It is perfect for any occasion. Mousse cake has a stunning fudge brownie with different layers of mousse-like vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, raspberry and further other flavours. Finally, topped with attractive toppings. One can place it decoratively in food gift basket.


It is a type of bread. Pretzel is like a baked pastry. It comes in many shapes and sizes. One can easily bake it. Thus, the pretzel is one of the good choices of food gift.


It is prepared by roasting and grounding cocoa seeds. Then other flavouring substances are added to enhance its taste. Homemade chocolates can even be made using dark and white chocolate compounds. It is easy to make, portable and lasts longer than a week. Therefore, it is the best food gifts to send that you can choose. Wrap your chocolate in a beautiful gift basket and offer it to your family and friends.

Last-minute food gifts:

Many companies are offering readymade food gift hampers and food gift baskets. You can buy and customise your gift basket according to your preferences. So, one can either walk-in stores that handle food gifts business and buy one or he can also order online from different websites and applications.

So, here are some ideas for last-minute best food gifts such as:

  • Milk Bar’s The sweet spot
  • Mouth’s All the snacks gift box
  • Murray’s Holiday feast deluxe
  • Candy club gift box
  • Winc subscription box
  • Omsom’s The Omsom bundle
  • Jeni’s Splendid ice creams pint club
  • Atlas coffee club coffee lover 12-month gift subscription
  • Healthy feast gift hamper
  • Assorted coffee bundle
  • Choc ‘O nuts deluxe hamper
  • Pineapple collaborative the olive oil
  • Craft beer club subscription
  • Popcornopolis 12-cone popcorn gift basket
  • Mouth’s peck of pickles
  • Snap kitchen
  • Sun basket subscription
  • The chilli lab homemade hot sauce kit
  • Shaker and spoon cocktail subscription box
  • Olympia provisions salami bouquet
  • Wild Alaskan company fish subscription box
  • Adopt a beehive gift box
  • Williams Sonoma X flour shop rainbow explosion cake kit
  • Stone hollow farmstead farm-to-table bloody mary mix
  • Chicago Steak company bestseller assortment
  • Cadbury’s celebration box
  • Burlap and Barrel Chef’s choice spice collection
  • William Sonoma Pie Baker’s Dream set
  • The cake flourless dark chocolate gold leaf cake kit
  • Godiva assorted chocolate gold 36-piece gift box
  • Cafe Du Monde’s Mid-city basket

Furthermore of the best food deals are:

  • Katz’s holiday box
  • The Spice House cocoa collection
  • United Sodas of America variety pack
  • North-South confections fruits both familiar and curious
  • Harry and David Charcuterie and cheese assortment
  • Driftaway single-origin coffee sampler
  • Chest of chocolates
  • Bacon sampler
  • New York brunch
  • Pink champagne cake bites
  • Rogue Creamery’s Beautiful blues
  • Exotic truffle collection
  • Red Clay Cold-pressed hot sauce & spicy honey
  • Meat subscription box
  • Truffle & Cacio e Pepe Mac & Cheese combo pack
  • Levain cookies
  • Sfoglini seasonal pasta subscription and many more

Tips to choose the best food gift:

While choosing the gift one shall consider few things such as:

  • Have a conversation¬†
  • Know one’s likes and dislikes.
  • Observe his daily habits and the food he loves to eat
  • Check out the best deals
  • Outline your budget
  • Search the deals online too
  • Compare the prices online and offline
  • Consider the wrapping and decoration of your gift
  • Make it look attractive and special
  • Place a card of best wishes
  • One can also DIY the gift
  • If you are buying it, then make sure it meets your preferences
  • If you can customise, then customise your gift as per your choice.


A gift is something that you offer or present to someone without expecting anything in return. It is usually given to make one happy and specifically as a symbol of forgiveness or kindness. Moreover, a gift has a lot of emotions attached to it like love, care, happiness, wishes and many other feelings.

Gifts can be anything like clothes, accessories, toiletries but, food is one of the best gifts that one can offer. There are a lot of finger-licking foods that people crave, by gifting foods you can adore the event evening. One can pack this into best gift hampers and best food gift baskets. Generally, people prefer to gift foods on birthday, festivals, weddings, achievements and other occasions. Cakes, wine, chocolates, truffles, muffins and other foods are often choices of food gifts. All these foods are mood enhancers that add up to the occasion. Thus, even a small bite of these delicacies can cheer one up.

It is a task when it comes to choosing a gift. But, it becomes easier when you categorically choose foods. Once you choose, you think about the best food that the other person drools on. Then, you bake or make it. But, when you lack time and knowledge you prefer ordering it online or buying it from stores. Whilst, buying it from outside you consider the best stores, you compare tastes and prices. Finally, you choose one and hop into the occasion with the best choice of food gift.

You can always make or bake the foods by gathering all the ingredients. But, nowadays you can also buy pre-mixes that are ready to cook. Also when you lack cooking skills, you can rely on readymade food gift hampers from stores or online. Thus, you present the best food gift that will remain in one’s memory.


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