Best food for liver that needs your attention…

Best foods for liver

Let us understand the liver and its functions:


Scientifically, the Liver is an organ located in vertebrates that detoxifies various biochemicals. In the human body, it is in the upper right of the abdomen. It has two large sections. The liver and other organs work in collaboration in the digestion of food. A healthy person will choose to eat healthy and liver-friendly foods to help in easy digestion. So there is much best food for liver and many are worst too. For every best thing, there lies a lacuna.

A human body performs many functions. So here are some of the functions performed by the liver are:

  • It filters the blood of the digestive tract.
  • The liver detoxifies chemicals and other drugs.
  • It secretes bile juice which aids in breaking down complex foods and digest them easily.
  • The liver produces a protein that essential for effective functioning.
  • The protein produced by the liver prevents blood clotting.

What are the causes of liver diseases:

Excessive consumption of drugs can harm the liver. Some of the non-alcoholic medications may also lead to fatty liver. The liver can get diseased from over iron content in the body. Consuming too much alcohol can risk your liver. Also, one can attract liver diseases because of obesity, diabetes, body piercing, tattoos, unprotected sex, and more.

Types of liver diseases:

Liver diseases


It is a type of viral infection that causes inflammation in the liver. Hepatitis creates difficulty in liver functioning. This disease is contagious. There are basically five types of Hepatitis.

Fatty liver disease:

It is a type of disease that harms the liver by building up bad fat in it. There are basically two types of fatty liver diseases. They are alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This can further lead to cirrhosis and liver failure. Such disease increases the risk of survival.

Autoimmune conditions:

This disease mainly affects your immune system. It majorly attacks the healthy cells of your body. It causes your immune system to attack your liver. So, this results in inflammation. If left ignored then it may lead to severe complications which may even lead to liver failure. some liver diseases can be inherited from your parents or ancestors. Such diseases are Hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, Alpha-1 Anti Trypsin.


Cancer first develops in your liver. is called liver cancer. It can also be spread from another organ to the liver. One of the most common liver cancer is Hepatocellular Carcinoma.


This type of liver disease is the result of liver damage caused by alcohol and other drugs. Cirrhosis is often treatable but if left unattended it may lead to complications.

Liver failure:

This is a typical liver disease where the liver is damaged very badly that it stops functioning properly. Liver failure is a chronic result of liver diseases. Consequently, you can observe changes in liver failure because of some diseases like jaundice, fatigue, and weakness, and so on. Liver failure is sudden and can even take one’s life.

Symptoms of liver disease:

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen veins
  • Vomiting

Best food for liver:


Coffee for liver

Coffee drinkers have fewer chances of getting a fatty liver. Comparatively, people who don’t consume caffeine are exposed to a higher risk of liver diseases.



Studies have shown that green vegetables are helpful in the prevention of building up fatty liver. A healthy person eats more greens than compared to a weak immune person. Some of the green vegetables that are good for fatty liver are broccoli, spinach, kale, etc.



It is one of the highest in protein. Because it is of foods like soy. Therefore, soy protein reduces the risk of liver diseases. Moreover, tofu is low in fats and high in protein.


Food for liver

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that help to improve fatty liver. Consuming fish such as tuna, salmon, etc controls the inflammation. One should choose fish which is low in fat because it is both for the liver.


Oat meal

This food is basically like whole grains. Oatmeals are very high in carbohydrates that keep one energetic. They also contain fiber which keeps one’s stomach full.



These are categorically dry fruits. Walnuts are considered brain food but they also have qualities to improve livers and their functions. Moreover, these are high in omega-3 fatty acids that keep the liver healthy.



It is a fruit that prevents liver damage and aids in storing healthy fats. Avocados are fiber-rich fruits that help to control weight.



It is a dairy product that is high in protein. Milk contains a good amount of nutrition which keeps one healthy. It protects from liver damage.

Sunflower seeds:

Sunflower seeds

These seeds are one of the best anti-oxidants. Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E. Therefore, these seeds help in preventing liver damage.

Olive oil:

Olive oil

There are varieties of edible oil. But, olive oil is one of the best to use in cooking. Olive oil is considered healthy because it is high in omega-3 fatty acids that help to reduce liver enzymes. Olive oil also aids in controlling weight.



It is one of the best foods that help in treating fatty liver diseases. Garlic not only enhances the food’s flavor but also has nutrition that keeps one healthy.

Green Tea:

Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits. A person who drinks green tea regularly has a low chance of getting liver diseases. This tea reduces the cholesterol level, helps in good sleep, helps in better functioning of liver, etc.

Grape Fruit:

Grape Fruit:

This fruit is rich in anti-oxidants. Grapefruit are contained basically to main antioxidants that help in building a stronger liver and protects it from damages.

Blueberries and Cranberries:

Blueberries and Cranberries:

These berries are also rich antioxidant fruits. They give as many benefits. Blueberries and cranberries increase the immunity level and keep the liver healthy.



It reduces inflammation and liver damage. Beetroot is a good source of energy. Beetroot protects one from heart and liver diseases. It has a good content of nutrition that detoxifies harmful chemicals present in our body.

Cruciferous Vegetables:

Cruciferous Vegetables:

There are many cruciferous vegetables like sprouts, mustard greens, etc. These vegetables are high in fiber. These vegetables detoxify enzymes and protect the liver from getting damaged.

Prickly pear:

Prickly pear:

It is a fruit that is considered best for liver health. They protect from harmful diseases which damage the organ. Many people consume its use to detoxify their bodies. Prickly pear reduces inflammation caused by alcohol consumption.

The worst food for the Liver:



Salt is one of the good sources of iodine but it should be consumed within the limit. Eating too much salt can affect your health and liver. It is high in sodium so one should keep a track of limiting the sodium up to 1500 milligrams per day.

Red Meat:

Red Meat:

Beef and other red meat should be consumed within the limit. Because these meats are rich in saturated fats that increase inflammation and damages the liver.

Sugary Foods:

Sugary Foods:

One should avoid eating high sugar foods. Consuming sugary foods on daily basis like candies, sodas, cookies, etc leads to severe health damage. These foods are hints high blood sugar and aids in building up fats in the liver.

Processed Food:

Processed Food

To have a healthy body you should select healthy dietary food. One should avoid eating highly processed food it damages the liver, increases blood sugar and it leads to different types of diseases.



Alcohol is considered one of the main causes of fatty liver. Drinking alcohol regularly kick starts your liver damage. Along with fatty liver diseases, it also causes other types of liver-related diseases such as Jaundice, Liver failure, etc, and so on.

Fried Foods:

Fried Foods

These foods are definitely delicious and mouth-watering. But they have a very high content of bad fats and calories. So these foods lead to many diseases like obesity, liver damage, viral infection, etc.

Fast Food:

Fast Food

These foods have unavoidable attractiveness. Fast foods are the most eaten foods by kids and youth. Despite its mouth-watering taste, there are many constraints that have bad effects on your health. Because these foods are oily and heavily processed. Fast foods are also highly saturated. Eating these foods very often can lead to severe health issues. It even worsens liver damage.

Eating habits that are bad for your liver:

You should not eat unhealthy fats, sugar, and animal protein because such foods play a major role in damaging your liver. A study says that these foods not only harm your liver but also initiate many other health issues, like obesity, blood clots, blood pressure fluctuations, diabetes, and more.

One should drink alcohol in their limit say 10-15 grams at once. Overconsumption of alcohol is injurious to health. One of the most obvious diseases caused by alcohol consumption is related to the liver. If you are already having weak liver then consuming alcohol may trigger worsening of the case.

To keep your liver healthy, you should concentrate on your diet and pay attention to the amount of sodium intake per day. It is recommended to consume no more than 2500mg of sodium throughout a day. To avoid sodium, one should eat less or normal salty food and reduce eating junk or highly saturated foods.

If you don’t consider the importance of a healthy diet then you are the one least caring about health. And such habits can lead to severe health conditions which involve a major impact on the liver and other organs. These eating habits usually result in water retention, inflammation, fat buildup, fatigue, and other major illness.

Beneficial food habits for the liver:

Your liver plays an important role in digesting the food. It absorbs the food and uses it to make chemicals that are essential for a body to function properly. The liver plays a variety of roles and the most important of them is the detoxification of food. To keep your liver healthy, you should practice some beneficial eating habits like:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables that are dense in nutrients and help your body to function appropriately.
  • While cooking use more olive oil than refined or other edible oil. This habit will help you keep your body healthy and fit. Along with it, olive oil helps deliver to perform its functions efficiently.
  • Use more garlic while cooking and garnishing your daily food. Make it a routine to add some garlic and enhance the taste of regular food. This will boost your immunity and keep you away from falling sick easily.
  • Garnish your food with chili peppers. Chilli peppers mitigate or prevent liver damage in individuals. It has an amazing taste and more health benefits.
  • Avoid adding additional sugar. You cannot avoid the natural sugar contained in food but you can always avoid processed sugar. This habit will make you healthier as processed sugar have very harmful effects on your health.


The world is busy minting money for luxury and ignoring its health. But, the proverb is a living example right now that Health is wealth. And Covid pandemic is a proven example of it that all these materialistic things won’t stay long if you have weak health. The stronger is not a billionaire. The stronger is one with healthy and fit.

There are many ways of staying healthier by following some basic habits like eating like switching nutritious food to junk, practicing yoga, gym, swimming, exercise, meditation, and so on. Nowadays people are also practicing Zumba, cardio, aerobics, cross-fit, running, and more.

Concentrating on the liver is one of the important concepts of being healthy. One should pay attention to his/her daily living habits like foods, exercise, sleep, etc to reduce the risk of diseases. The above information is to bring into the notice people the importance of the liver. I have also mentioned the foods that are essential for healthy liver and foods which are proven to damage your liver. If one doesn’t consider the importance of his/ her health, then consequently he/she is more exposed to the risk of life-threatening illness or diseases.

There are many possible ways to prevent and treat various liver-related diseases. Thus, one of the ways is to improve our eating habits to suit the well-being of our body.


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