Best Food for Children’s Growth


Your child will grow fast between the ages of two and twelve. As a parent, it is, therefore, your responsibility to play a significant part in children’s growth. The must-have food supplements during the years of growth have to have a rich source of vitamins, iron, calcium, and protein. The best way to obtain the nutrients is to eat food like, various fruits, dairy, meat, vegetables, and grains. Some of the best food choices for children’s growth are;


Berries offer plenty of vitamin C, phytochemicals, and other anti-oxidants. Your child needs strawberries and blueberries in daily intake to boost the immune system and also protect all the healthy body cells from damages. Feel free to use berries as toppings in your child’s ice cream, yogurt, or cereal. 


This is a food item that is a must daily for children’s growth. Eggs have proteins, vitamins, and choline. Your child’s overall brain development will happen in a better way for the choline nutrient. You can boil, make omelets, fry, and scramble or simply make eggs just anyway your child prefers. However you make the preparation, your child simply will love it.

Cow’s Milk

A portion of very essential food for children’s growth, cow milk is a perfect source of calcium and phosphorous. The two ingredients chiefly help bones and muscles develop in a child. You can surely serve full-fat milk if your child is not yet 2 years old. Else, if your child is overweight then consult with your nutritionist and serve skimmed milk.

Wholegrain food

The whole-grain foods have fibers that help in your child’s digestive system. Fibers also help to cure medical conditions like constipation. Various snacks, wholegrain cereals are a rich source of such fibers. You can for sure mix whole grains with more refine grains that will open up the palate of your child. Tasteful whole grain food will make a world of good to your child’s health.


It is true, that meat is known as a rich source of protein. However, iron present in meat also has a role to play. Iron helps in brain development and bodily functions. Children’s growth and immune system development need both the nutrients of iron and protein. Your child will enjoy if you can use tender small cuts of meat, chicken or fish and serve with food items like eggs or mashed potatoes.


With meat already in the discussion, the benefits of fish cannot be left out. The fish constitutes of elements like protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Your child’s nerve, eye, and brain development all benefit from the nutrients in fish. Tuna, sardines, and salmon are good sources of proteins and omega-3 acids. You can experiment with many fish recipes that are available on the internet.


Children seem to have an instant disliking to green vegetables like broccoli. However, broccoli comes with nutrients that help eye development and cures cell damage. To add more, the fiber in broccoli helps in digestion and improves constipation conditions. The preparation of broccoli is also quite easy. Cut it into small blanches and florets. Your child may like to try it out dipping the veggies into sauce or ketchup. However, you also use broccoli as a topping for pizza and as omelet fillings.

Colorful fruits and vegetables

Children’s growth gains the most from fruits and vegetables. The colorful fruits and vegetables are full of carotenoids and beta carotene. All these undergo conversion into Vitamin A for the body. Your child will, therefore, have good vision, skin, and excellent body tissues. You can soft boil the vegetables before serving however; you can also serve with dips or sauce. The fruits can be cut into cubes, frozen, and then serving as popsicles.


As another dairy product, cheese comes with nutrient elements like protein, phosphorus, vitamin D, and calcium. The cheese is especially good for children’s growth and their bones. Your child may particularly take a liking for mozzarella cheese or the European and American cheese. You can serve the cheese in the form of slice or cubes. Cheese is also a great topping over bread, pasta, or pizza.


You can sample some of the best food for children’s growth without much struggle. Delicious food for your child is all available fresh and full of nutrients. Nevertheless, just pay a visit to your local market and you can get them at the best conditions and prices.


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