Best fast food fries that cannot be ignored

fast food fries

What are the best fries?

In this all-time-evolving world, sticking to anything one is rare. Finding the best among everything takes knowledge and testing. Likewise, choosing the best french fries among numerous is a task. Who doesn’t like fries? Everyone lures over them. It’s among favourite foods around the globe. Teens and kids love to eat them at snacks. Fries are one of the most ordered foods at fast food joints. Because, best fries are the ones of finest potatoes, soft and crispy. Consequently, the best fast food fries are those that taste perfect and for which mouth asks more.

Ingredients needed:

You can make your own fries at home. Hence, the basic ingredients required are:

  • Russet potatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Sea salt
  • White sugar
  • Corn flour
  • Ketchup or mayonnaise
  • Pepper
  • Peri-peri (if needed)

Types of fast-food fries:

There are many variations and types of fast-food french fries. To mention all the types is practically tough. Thus, here are few famous types of fries:

  • Standard-cut fries
  • Tornado fries
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Poutine
  • Pommes souffles
  • Potato wedges
  • Shoestring
  • Chilli cheese fries
  • Curly fries
  • Garlic fries
  • Loaded fries
  • Smiley
  • Steak fries
  • Cottage fries
  • Crinkle fries
  • Homefries
  • Tater tots
  • Waffle fries
  • Side winding fries
  • Cheese fries

Standard-cut fries:

This is basic preference as snacks and rarely as main course. It first came in origin in Belgium or France. One should serve it hot. You can serve ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar or other sides along with fries. You can go and grab these from any fast food joints.

Tornado fries:


You can also call these fries as Twist potatoes or tornado potatoes. It is indeed a popular street food in South Korea. Tornado fries are spiral potato fries. It can be garnished with onion, cheese or honey. It’s pretty famous street food.

Sweet potato fries:

Sweet potato

You can also call it patates. It is a variation of french fries. Sweet potatoes are high in calcium, fiber, and vitamin A. If you bake the fries then, they will have much fewer fats. These are rich in potassium. One can get these from any fast food corner.



It is another variation of french fries. Poutine is cheese curds with brown gravy topping. It was first introduced in Canada. You can consume it as a main course and even as a side dish. Poutine has emerged as a new dish like sandwiches and dumplings. These are medium-thick, soft inside, and crispy on our fries. Earlier people used to mock and consider poutine negatively. But, later gradually it gained its place in the fast food industry. It is available at many fast-food restaurants.

Pommes Souffles:

Pommes Souffles

It got its emergence in Paris, France. Pommes souffles are a type of potato fries. One shall fry these fries twice. While frying it a second time, the potato slices are puff into brown golden balloons. These are good for snacking. You can go and order these from fast food outlets.

Potato wedges:

Potato wedges

The potato wedges are type of fast food fries. You can either bake or fry potato wedges. You can find it in diners and restaurants. Serve it with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. You can also use ketchup, ranch, honey mustard as sides. One can also garnish potato wedges with pepper, paprika, salt, etc.



It was first cooked in Belgium. Its introduction was as an alternative for fish fries. Firstly, Cut the potatoes and then, fry deep. Shoestring is crispy. These are common snacks as well. There are many street food vendors who sell these delicious shoestring fries.

Chilli cheese fries:

Chilli cheese fries

These fries have a coating or covering of chili and cheese. Spicy eaters love chili cheese fries. They don’t appear on menus but can be ordered specially. Chilli cheese fries are famous among foodies. You can buy chili cheese fries from either restaurants or fast food joints.

Curly fries:

Curly fries

These fries are unique because of their helical shape. One can prepare curly fries by cutting whole potatoes into specialized spiders and frying them. These fries are popular because of their different shape. These are commonly available in restaurants and fast food corners.

Garlic fries:

Garlic fries

This is a type of french fries that involves garlic garnishing. Garlic fries are basically a combination of garlic and french fries. These are crispy, soft, and salty. Although, Street vendors and fast food joints are major sellers of garlic fries.

Loaded fries:

Loaded fries

These fries are easy to make. Further, Loaded fries are often a choice of parties and occasions. Loaded fries are french fries with cheese, bacon, and other flavors as toppings.

Smiley fries:

Smiley fries:

Preparation of these fries involves mashed potatoes, flour, egg, bread crumbs, and starch. Smiley fries are in the shape of smiley faces. These fries taste better with salt and pepper if added additionally. It is a finger-licking delight for kids. You can also eat this in nearby restaurants.

Steak fries:

Steak fries

It is a common french popular dish. You can also call these fries steak frites. These fries come along with steak serving. It is the popular national dish of Belgium. It is a variant of french fries. Steak fries are served hot with deep-fried potatoes. These are one of the most loved foods that are available in nearby restaurants and eateries.

Cottage fries:

Cottage fries

Cottage fries are pieces of fried, sliced, and diced potatoes. One can also include onions, tomatoes, capsicum. It usually involves pepper, salt, or chili powder garnishing. One can even eat ketchup or mustard as sides with it.

Crinkle fries:

Crinkle fries

These fries are another type of french fries. Crinkle fries preparation includes slicing potato in leaf shape crinkle cutting. Consequently, crinkle-cut fries have more surface area per volume. These fries are deep-fried until they turn golden brown in color. Because of its unique surface area, it becomes a lot tastier than normal fries.

Home fries:

Home fries

These fries are also made out of russet potatoes and deep fried in vegetable oil or butter. One can add chopped onion and bell pepper to enhance the taste of home fries. Home fries have harder cell than french fries. These fries are soft chunks of cooked potatoes.

Tater tots:

Tater tots:

The name “tater tots” is a registered trademark of American Frozen Food Company. Tater is a short form of potato. These fries are generally grated potatoes that are deep-fried to form small cylinders. Tater tots are usually eaten as side dishes or snacks. One can even add vegetables to these fries for a change.

Waffle fries:

Waffle fries

French fries have many varieties in which waffle fries have one. These fries are lattice-shaped fries. Waffle fries are prepared by sliding quarter potato over a grater and deep-frying the one. Waffle fries are popular because of their unique shape. You can generally eat this as a part of lunch or dinner. These fries may be served with ketchup, vinegar, mayonnaise, or any other side. These are pretty famous at fast food corners.

Side winding fries:

Side winding fries

These fries have exciting flavors that attract people. Consequently, these are well known for their unique shape platting and different things. Side winding fries are also called sidewinders. One can order this from nearby restaurants.

Cheese fries:

Cheese fries

These are cheesy chips that consist of french fries covered in cheese. These fries have many possible toppings. They can be found in fast food locations, diners across the city accordingly. It is one of the most ordered snacks. Ketchup, mustard, or any other side can be eaten with this.

Nutritional facts:

French fries are made of fresh potatoes and the nutritional value contained in it are,

  • Fries are high in calories.
  • They also have a good content of fats.
  • Carbohydrates are comparatively high.
  • Fries contain a minimal amount of protein.
  • Around 10% of fibers are present in it.
  • It also has good sugar content.

Top Best Fast Food Fries Dealers:

  • Potato wedges, KFC
  • Seasoned fries, Taco Bell
  • Cajun fries, five guys
  • Crinkle cut fries, Del taco
  • Cajun fries, popeyes
  • Natural cut fries, Wendy’s
  • Crinkle cut fries, Shake shack
  • Curly fries, Arby’s
  • Waffle fries, Chick-fil-A
  • Classic fries, mac Donald’s

Health Benefits of Fast Food Fries:


  • Fries are high in vitamin K and vitamin B 6.
  • These are also high in carbohydrates and sodium.
  • French fries are usually high in fats.
  • These aids in treating internal bleeding.
  • Fries enhance good mood furthermore.
  • These foods boost immunity power.
  • Potato helps in lowering cholesterol.
  • These foods are digestion supportive.
  • French fries help in treating arthritis.

Effects of French Fries:

effects fries

  • It is high in fats which can lead to obesity.
  • Moreover, regular intake of fast food fries may increase the chances of cancer and overweight.
  • Such foods may trigger the risk of hard diseases.
  • Although, it contains more bad fats.
  • Fast-food fries increase the level of blood sugar.
  • Nursing and pregnant women must avoid such foods because it contains toxic agents which may worsen the condition of stroke and heart attack.

Procedure of Preparing Fries:

  • Firstly, take some potatoes. Wash them neatly and dry them completely.
  • Also, peeling the potatoes is preferential.
  • Then, cut each potato into half, cut that half into flat cuttings of 1/2 or 1/4 inches.
  • Take a bowl. pour some chilled water and add the chopped potatoes into it.
  • Let the potatoes soak for 20 minutes or so. By following this we can get rid of excess starch.
  • Drain the potato stick and dry them using paper towels or napkins.
  • Further, take a large pot and pour enough vegetable oil or any other edible oil.
  • Also, make sure you fill the pot enough to deep fry the potatoes.
  • Heat the oil well for about 5 minutes.
  • Add the potato sticks to the pan.
  • Drain the oil using a spider or slotted spoon and let it cool completely
  • Once all the potatoes are fried fry them again. This process will make them crispy.
  • Then toss it with chili powder, salt, pepper, or paprika based on one’s choice.
  • Finally, serve it hot with various sizes such as ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, etc.

Fries across different countries:

fries across world

Latin America:

A large part of Latin America is used to eating fries. Moreover, American’s prefer having french fries commonly as a side dish for their meals.

Belgium and Neither lands:

Belgians are very fascinated by french fries. They claim that it was first introduced in France but, certainly it is still under dispute who found it first. Fries are popularly known as frites in France.


In Spain french fries are called patatas fritas. In the country, potatoes are cut into big chunks then boiled and fried.


In French-speaking countries, fast-food fries are commonly called pommes frites or frites. Here the french fries are very small and thin. Consequently, one of the popular fries in France is steak fries.


The country itself is called as french fry capital of the world. Because, it is one of the largest producers of french fries. One of the famous fries of Canada is poutine.

United States:

Those french fries are a popular dishes in British countries. Furthermore, it is popularized worldwide by American fast food joints like burger king, Mac Donald’s, Wendy’s, etc. French fries have been made available in precooked frozen sealed packs by America.


french fries

French fries are basically potato fries that come in many variations. Thus, every variation has their own alternated additional ingredients. So here are some of the variations of french fries are Chile fries. French fries sandwich, Slap chips, Salchipapas, oven fries, etc.

In a word, Fast food fries are not totally junk, there are rich in many nutrients. But, you cannot always rely on good, because there’s always something bad with the good. Likewise, fast food fries are with many health effects such as eating them regularly can overweigh you; increase the probability of heart related diseases; might result in fluctuating body’s blood pressure and sugar levels; can also make one obese; sometimes can even worsen your health or lead to death because of heart attack or strokes.

Indeed, there are many brands selling the best fast food fries like MacDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, etc. Finding the best of all is a matter of taste and preferences. Because there are various designs and flavours of fast-food fries. One can never get enough of it because of its finger-licking taste.

Fast-food fries can be of sweet potatoes indeed. Some people make it healthier by adding finely chopped veggies like carrots, onions, tomatoes, etc. Therefore, different countries have different ways of preparing fries, like the topping may vary, the shape, the ingredients even the flavor may vary from place to place.

This write-up was basically put an idea of various types of fries that you can try. Although, there are many more varieties that I couldn’t cover. At last, always know what food you eat and I hope it was a helpful article to meet your required knowledge.


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