Best fast food dessert which increase our enthusiasm

best fast food dessert

Sugar? Yes, please!!

Kids, adults and even the elderly loves eating sugar and desserts. From children to grandparents everyone loves having sweets, cakes, ice creams etc. There are tremendous choices and flavours of desserts that one can choose from. Craving sweets is common in all ages be it chocolates or pastries you can’t get enough of it. Despite its attractive and mouth-watering qualities one shall know when and how shall he gobble up on desserts. The quality of health that best fast food desserts offer, the effects and benefits of eating them, nutrition values etc everything should be considered by one.

What is fast food dessert?

It has been a tradition to conclude one’s meal by after dessert. There are many types of dessert that include sweets, cakes, wine etc. Best fast-food dessert is those that are easily available in any nearby bakery and which don’t add much value to your health. Nowadays people have increased in taking cakes, icecreams etc without occasions too. Some times eating fast food dessert cannot be considered good, few times it’s acceptable to crave and hogg on it.

Dessert can also be called sweets, pudding or afters as they are commonly eaten at the end of the meal. Frozen foods including dessert became popular in the early 1920″s with the emergence of freezing and gradually these processed foods became an important part of the diet in many industrialised countries.


  • Fast food desserts are made up of sugar, honey, other sweet syrups.
  • They contain flour and other starches.
  • Dessert also contains cooking fats like oil, ghee, butter cheese etc.
  • Some people use eggs, lemon juice, salts and spices etc.
  • There consist different flavouring substances like cocoa, chocolate, peanut butter, fruits, nuts etc.
  • Many people prefer dried fruits too.
  • Some desserts are of coffee flavour too.

Some best available deals:

  • Domino’s Lava Cake
  • Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets
  • Chick Fil A frosted lemonade
  • Wendy’s frosty
  • MacDonald’s hot fudge sundae
  • Five guys’ shake
  • Taco Bell cinnamon twists
  • Burger King chocolate chip cookies
  • Subway cookies
  • M&m’s mcflurry
  • Oreo mcflurry
  • Shake Shack vanilla frozen custard

Benefits of eating Fast food dessert:

  1. It puts you in good mood.
  2. Desserts make for good meals or breakfast.
  3. It takes only a few bites.
  4. You can prevent a stroke by eating sweets.
  5. Dessert is helpful in keeping the blood pleasure as low as possible.
  6. One can get enough sleep if he eats dessert after meals.
  7. It makes a person share and care.
  8. Dessert enhances the moment.
  9. It ignites hormones of happiness.
  10. They can supply enough calories and glucose to your brain.

Effects of fast-food dessert on your health:

  1. Eating fast food dessert can make you lethargic.
  2. Its effect can be harmful and can deteriorate your skin.
  3. It causes bloating of the stomach to many people.
  4. Your memory and cognitive function will decline.
  5. Fast food dessert can result in constipation.
  6. One increases the risk of obesity in him.
  7. There are not much nutritious.
  8. It can increase inflammation.
  9. Eating dessert regularly causes tooth decay and cavities.
  10. One’s mental health can decline.
  11. Consumption of more sugar on regular basis can result in diabetes.
  12. Overeating sweets can harm your stomach and kidneys.
  13. Desserts are higher in fats and this can increase one’s cholesterol levels.
  14. This increases the risk of cancer in your body.
  15. Sometimes eating a lot of desserts can weaken your bones.
  16. Regularly eating fast food dessert increases the risk of heart-related diseases.

Categories of desserts:

  • Cakes
  • Puddings
  • Small cakes and pastries
  • Confection
  • Chocolate
  • Custards
  • Deep fried
  • Frozen
  • Gelatin
  • Pastries
  • Pies, cobblers and clafoutis
  • Sweet soups
  • Wines


These are sweetbreads made from sugar and flour. They can be varied on the basis of light, airy, sponge or dense with more or less flour. Cakes can be filled with fruits, dried fruits, tooty fruity, dessert sauces and can be topped with iced sugar, marzipan, candied fruit, piped borders etc. There are many flavours of cakes like nuts, fruits, cocoa, chocolate, vanilla etc. Cakes are commonly eaten on occasions like birthdays, weddings, ring ceremonies etc.


These are thickened with starches such as corn starch or topioca etc. Puddings are liked by many kids and can be brought from stored or made at home. There are different flavours of pudding-like litchi, strawberries etc.

Small cakes and pastries:

The ingredients of small cakes and pastries are almost the same or similar. Due to their size and relative similarity to cookies and biscuits such as Jaffa cakes and Eccles cakes, they


The Confection is nothing but candies, sweets, lollies etc. The principal or main ingredient of confection is sugar or honey. Many of these involve sugar heated into crystals with a subtle difference. They include caramel, fudge, toffee or taffy etc. You can use toppings of icing sauces and other ingredients on the confection.


Cocoa beans are an alternative to dessert. You can mix cocoa beans and sugar to form chocolate. The chocolate of cocoa beans and sugar is called dark chocolate. Dark chocolates are unsweetened and majorly contains cocoa solids. They are good for health. Nowadays chocolate is eaten in form of sweet chocolate, in combination with sugar. There are other types of chocolates like milk chocolate that contains condensed or powdered milk. Chocolates are the love of many children and many adults. This fast-food dessert doesn’t have any age limit. It is a major choice for people of almost all ages.


These kind of fast food desserts are commonly contain thickened dairy base. Firstly you shall cook the custard. Then, One can add eggs too for the thickening of custard. You can use it as filling in pastries or pies. Kheer and phirni are the most popular custards in the Indian subcontinent.


Many desserts are of deep-fried starch-based batter or dough. Doughnuts are one of the famous deep-fried desserts in many countries. Sometimes you can fill it with custard or jelly. Fritters are fruit pieces in a thick batter that is deep-fried. Churros are deep-fried and soaked in honey. Gulab jamun and ras malai are famous Indian deep-fried desserts. These desserts have to be made by milk solids kneaded into dough, deep-fried and soaked in honey or sugar syrup.


The main articles of frozen desserts are ice cream, gelato, sorbet, shave ice etc. Ice cream has a cream base, which will be churned and frozen to prepare creamy consistency. Gelato is milk-based. It has less air whipped than ice cream. Sorbet is fruit based and not dairy-based. Shaved ice desserts are like shaving a block of ice with flavouring syrup on it. In India, shaved ice is called an Ice Gola. These all desserts are available in various flavours like malai kulfi, orange, kokum and so on.


These consists of sweetened liquid thickened with gelatin or another thickening ingredient. Grass jelly and Annin tofu are Chinese desserts. Yōkan is a Japanese dessert. In many countries, dessert is based on gelatin with fruit or whip cream. Gelatin’s vegetarian alternative is Agar. Marshmallows are usually of gelatin.


They are sweet, baked pastry products. Pastries come in many different mouth-watering flavours like black forest, pineapple, vanilla, chocolate chips etc. They include fillings of fruits or chocolates or nuts or even spices. People prefer eating pastries during breakfast or hi-tea.

Pies, cobblers and clafoutis:

These are crust fillings. The crust is either of pastry or of crumbs. Pie can be from fruits or pudding. Cobbler is generally of fruits. Clafoutis is batter with fruit filling. You can spread it over top before baking.

Sweet soups:

These are Cantonese special. Tong Sui is a dessert that one eats at the end of a Cantonese meal. Tong Sui means sugar water.


These are sweet wines, that are like dessert. Any sweet wine is a dessert wine. Sweet dessert wine is a drink with a meal. Fino and Amontillado sherry should be drank before a meal. Port and Madeira should be drank after the meal. A dessert wine is a wine that contains up to 14% of alcohol in it. Few wines are Sauternes, Tokaj Aszú etc.

Desserts are eaten on different continents:


There is no tradition of dessert course after a meal in Africa. Africans prefer eating fruits or salad instead of sweets. In some regions, the colonial power has influenced dessert-like Angolan colada amarela that resembles dessert in Portugal.


In Asia, people eat desserts as snacks. Asian countries use rice flour in desserts and other ingredients like coconut milk, palm sugar, fruits etc. Desserts have been an important part of the diet for thousands of years. In-country like India, any good occasion starts with sweets like burfi, halwas, laddoos etc. Nowadays desserts have been made in drinks like bubble tea.


In Ukraine and Russia breakfast serves like nalysnyky, syrniki etc are served with honey or jam. Vla is a famous dessert of Netherlands. It is like frozen custard. There are many flavours available like vanilla, chocolate, caramel, fruits etc. Hopes is another dessert flavoured like Hope. It is a dutch coffee and caramel sweet.

North America:

After European colonisation, America introduced various cooking styles and it went on expanding it.

South America:

Dulce de leche is popular dessert of Argentina. Honey and coconut are traditional desserts of Bolivia. Tawa is a famous sweet fritter of Bolivia. It is similar to sherbet. Brazil has various candies such as brigadeiros, beijinhos, goiabada etc. They use fruits to make juices, chocolates, icecreams and other sweets. Kuchen is the trademark dessert of Chile. Some other desserts of Chile are with manjar, alfajor flan, cuchufli etc. People of Columbia consume dulce de leche, waffle cookies, puddings, nougat, sugarcane syrup with thick milk and so on as desserts. Ecuador tends to be simple and considers dessert as a moderate part of the cuisine. Some desserts consumed in Ecuador include tres leches, cake, flan, candies etc.


In Australia, people end their daily meals with simple desserts like fruits. Some complex desserts include cakes, pie, cookies that are served on special occasions.

Some healthy desserts that keep you worry less:

  • Frozen mango, kiwi, raspberry fruit pops
  • Applesauce
  • Secret fruit salad
  • 3 ingredient banana cups
  • Chocolate banana bites
  • Paleo strawberry crumble
  • No-bake energy bites
  • Flourless Nutella blender muffins
  • Guilt-free chocolate truffles
  • Healthy carrot cakes
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Breakfast cookies
  • Skinny edible chocolate chip cookie dough (whole wheat)
  • Healthy cookie dough blizzard
  • Roasted strawberry rhubarb and yoghurt parfaits
  • Chocolate peanut butter avocado pudding
  • Roasted honey and cinnamon peaches
  • Two-ingredient banana peanut butter ice cream
  • Cherry chocolate chip ice cream
  • Homemade fresh mango ice cream
  • Natural icecreams

5 tricks to avoid desserts:

  1. Decide the frequency of dessert that you eat in a week.
  2. Don’t make a habit of eating desserts every time you have a meal.
  3. Always try to make and eat healthy dessert.
  4. One should try serving dessert along with dinner.
  5. Make the main meal fun and tasty so that you don’t miss eating sweets or desserts.


Sugary and sweet, desserts are yum your stomach tweets. Unlike other foods, desserts are one of the major choice of food among people irrespective of their age. Fast food desserts are common across almost all countries. Different continents have their own sweets and eateries. Desserts are the best choice when it comes to occasions like wedding, birthdays, parties etc. They commonly include sweets, cakes, thick shakes, chocolates etc. One can never get enough of fast food dessert.

Despite its enhancing mouth-watering qualities, desserts do have effects. You should always keep a calorie count when it comes to good health. One shall consider the frequency of eating sweets. The more often you eat sweets the easier you catch diseases like tooth decay, diabetes etc.

Although fast food desserts have effects, you can make them healthy by adding alternatives. You can eat fruit-based desserts which are nutritious. One can add dried fruits to their shakes and chocolates. There’s always a better choice of this for that. When it comes to health always choose the best. Consider all the possible pros and cons of food you eat, because a healthy body gives a healthy life.

This article was to make people like you and me aware of desserts and sweets that we love can cause major effects. So choose wisely, eat wiser.


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