Best Dog Food 2020 that is essential for your dog


To a pup lover:


Hello! Pup lovers! How is it going? How well are you taking care of your dog? Are you feeding it on time? Do you take it out for a run or walk? All these questions are for one who owns a dog or for the one who takes care of stray dogs. After all best dogs need best dog food and best care. This write-up highlights the best dog food 2020.

Feeding dogs good nutrition is one of the important concept that alot of people don’t concentrate on. If you are a pet lover then you shall definitely consider few important things that are important for your pet’s life! Say it like the food you feed, the care and love you give them, other physical activities like walking, running etc.

Know your dog and its essentials:


  • Your dog requires specific attention and utmost care.
  • Provide good shelter.
  • Play with your dog regularly.
  • Train your dog’s behaviour.
  • Get your dog vaccinated as and when necessary.
  • Feed high quality best dog food and provide fresh water.
  • Take your dog to vet on timely basis.
  • Make sure that your dog has good weight.
  • Dog’s bad breath can be a signal of canine dental disease.
  • Always keep your dog’s bowl, toys and bedding clean.
  • Poop eating isn’t always a sign of medical problems.
  • Make sure you put a comfortable dog’s collar.
  • Your dog needs two proper bowls one for food and one for water.
  • Get all required grooming supplies to maintain hygiene.
  • Pick an average sized leash.
  • Even if you have big backyard, take your dog for a run or walk.
  • Consider food allergies of your pet seriously.

Importance of best dog food 2020:

Best Dog food 2020

Feeding your dog appropriate food is one of a concern. A proper balanced nutrition is essential for healthy growth of your dog. Animals need a certain combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and good amount of water. Balanced nutrition is not accidental but it requires to be manufactured after considering alot of things in mind. A proper formula is needed to be considered by dog food manufacturers to meet nutritional requirement of different breeds of dogs.Here are few best dog foods 2020.

Each and every nutrient in your dog’s food has a purpose. Lack of adequate nutrition will result on weaker muscle tone, low bone density, less immunity results high chances of diseases. Vitamins and minerals are important for muscle contraction and nerve conduction. Good amount of nutrition prevents your dog from falling sick.

A healthy dog’s every cell is made up of protein. Protein is integral source which stimulates in growth of skin, hair, muscles, other organs and tissues. Including omega-3 fatty acids in your dog’s food reduces itching and allergies. It also prevents hair fall and makes it thick and shiny. Carbohydrates provides good fiber that helps in digestion. Vitamins and minerals keep your dog’s immune system stronger and boosts metabolism. Vitamins and minerals can be plant or animal based. Best dog food should be fed for wellness of your dog.

Types of best dog food 2020:

Best Dog food

There are mainly 5 types of dog food :

  1. Dry or Kibble dog food
  2. Canned dog food
  3. Semi-moist dog food
  4. Home cooked dog food
  5. Raw dog food

Dry or kibble best dog food 2020:


Most of the dry foods of pets are store brought. They are sold in pet stores or supermarkets. Before buying any dry food, ensure it meets all the nutritional needs. Dry food is economical and most brought food. Kibble lasts for long time. It doesn’t require refrigeration. Dry foods keep your dog’s teeth healthy. It increases the chewing ability and reduces tartar to build up. Always choose a brand that uses wholesome food as it’s main ingredient. While choosing your dog food, refer the ingredients carefully. Some of the brands of best dry dog foods 2020 are Acana dog food, Orijen original dry dog food, Pedigree dry dog food, Taste of the wild Sierra Mountain grain free dry dog food etc.

Canned best dog food 2020

Best dog food 2020

Wet or canned food usually are packed in a solid container. It contains 60-80% of water. Canned foods are significantly high in moisture than dry or semi-moist foods. These foods are high in animal protein like salmon, chicken, seafood, turkey etc. It is great source of hydration for a dog who doesn’t drink much water. You can buy it from pet stores or supermarkets. Make sure it is healthy and meets all nutritional values. Dogs usually loves wet food. Indigestible protein passes through dog’s system without being broken into absorbable nutrients. There are many brands of canned food that are best dog food 2020 like wet foods by Kennel kitchen, Dibaq sense grain, Farmina vet life, Little bigpaw, Pedigree etc.

Semi-moist best dog food 2020:

Semi moist

Semi-moist are those that contains 60-65% of water in them. They are more expensive than dry food. Semi-moist foods are like pork chops, burgers or other meaty food. One of the disadvantage of semi-moist foods is that it contains more sugar and salt as compared to dry or wet foods. Semi-moist with extra sugar and salt is not appropriate for every dog. The best semi-moist dog foods 2020 are by Wellness CORE, Happy Howie, Hills, Royal Canin etc. These foods are least nutritional. They also contain many artificial flavours and colouring. You can feed it to your pup on occasional basis but should not be included in the diet regularly.

Home cooked best dog food 2020:

Home cooked

One can also feed their dog home cooked food containing proper nutritional value. Even after considering nutritional value, some or other way they are unbalanced or deficient diet. The nutrient requirement of dogs change as they grow. Home made food enables the owner of dog to keep a track of what his dog consumes and how it can affect its health. Feeding dogs homemade food consumes alot of time and it can be expensive. If you feed home made food then ensure that you prepare protein rich food. Some of the best home made dog food 2020 ideas are brown rice, ground turkey, carrots, zucchini, peas etc.

Raw best dog food:

Raw food

The raw dog food involves muscle meat, bones, raw eggs, broccoli, spinach, celery, organ meats etc. It is designed to keep dog’s instinctive of being carnivorous. They are rich in calcium and phosphorus. Dogs can easily digest them because of short intestinal tracts and strong stomach acids. Always consult your vet before transitioning your dog to raw food diet.

What food your dog needs:

When your dog’s age is 8-16 weeks:-

High quality kibble are best dog food for small puppies. Don’t change the diet very often as this may make your pup’s stomach upset. Kibble ensures whole nutrition required by your pup. You can also add cooked meat and vegetables or rice. Raw diets are not recommendatory as they don’t have strong immune system.

16+ weeks:-

Gradually as your dog turn 16+ weeks you can introduce raw meaty bones as best dog food to it. At this age pups undergo teething and such foods encourages them to chew actively. One bone per week is considerably enough. While introducing new food to your pup observe the signs of illness or allergies. And as your dog grows you can reduce the number of feeds to twice a day. Overfeeding your dog may lead to health issues.

Adult dogs:-

An adult dog should be fed once or twice a day. Adult dog should be fed high quality best commercial dog food. Small or medium breed dogs are counted as adults as they turn 12months old. Larger breed dogs are counted as an adult dog when they are around 18-24 months. Seek your vet’s consultation before changing foods. You can add meat, veggies or fish for variety.

Senior dogs:-

Looking after health of senior dogs is crucial. Many old dogs have chronic health issues. These issues can be improved or affected by the dog food you feed. It is suggested to feed frequent smaller meals to old dogs to keep them happy and satisfied. Some senior dogs may need more protein or other nutrients. Consult your veterinarian for more knowledge.

Foods to keep out of reach:

  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlics
  • Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, orange etc
  • Milk and lactose
  • Raw yeast dough
  • Fatty foods
  • Sweets
  • Salty foods
  • Chives
  • Coconut and coconut oil
  • Mouldy foods
  • Artificial dyes of red 40, yellow 5 and 6, blue 2
  • Anti freeze
  • Sweeteners
  • ¬†Byproducts

Best cheap dog foods:

  • Taste of wild dry dog food
  • American journey canned dog food
  • Dr. Tim’s dry dog food
  • Victor purpose dry
  • Eagle pack dry dog food
  • Horizon complete dry
  • Eukanuba dry dog food
  • Whole earth farms wet dog food
  • Simply nourish source dry
  • Blue buffalo life protection dry dog food
  • Canidae all life stages dry
  • Chicken soup for the soul dry dog food
  • Nutro ultra dry dog food
  • Adirondack dry dog food
  • Avoderm natural dry

Benefits of fresh dog food:

  • Fresh dog food provides more energy.
  • Oils give dogs glossy, shiny and soft coats.
  • Nutrients like zinc, vitamins and fatty acids give them healthy skin.
  • Vitamin A rich foods improve your dog’s eye sight.
  • Fresh foods results in less waste and firmer stools.
  • Nutritional food reduces the trips to vet.
  • It improves the quality of life.
  • Natural fresh foods provide dogs with longer life.
  • 100% ingredients which are chemical free keeps your stress free.

Pros and cons of dry food:


  • Dry dog foods provide balanced nutrition.
  • They are considered better for dental health.
  • Dry foods are convenient.


  • Dry foods may lead to dehydration.
  • These are heavy to digest.
  • It contains more grain than meat.
  • Dry dog food results in poor nutrition usability and faeces
  • It contains preservatives and flavours enhancers.
  • Dry foods contains sensory additives.
  • They can damage teeth and gums of your dog.
  • It can cause overweight issues and possible stomach rot.
  • They are deprived of natural ingredients.
  • Dry foods are mostly contaminated with moulds and mites.
  • Your dog might get ideal habitat for mould.
  • There is high risk of salmonella.

Pros and cons of canned foods:


  • Canned dog foods are highly palatable.
  • These foods are good for dogs who are teeth less or recovering from illness
  • It is one of the excellent choice for dogs with limited kidney function


  • Can be prone to contamination.
  • More expensive.
  • Can cause loose stools in some dogs.

Pros and cons of home cooked food:


  • Such dog foods can be made fresh.
  • You can prevent artificial preservatives and flavours.
  • You can eliminate ingredients to which your dog is allergic.


  • One can fail to strike right balanced food.
  • Have short shelf life.
  • It can be more expensive.
  • Making home made dog food requires good knowledge and research about nutritional value of each and every ingredient.

Pros and cons of raw food:


  • Raw dog foods provide healthy skin.
  • They provide cleaner teeth.
  • It improves digestion.
  • Raw dog food results in smaller and firmer stools.


  • Raw meat contains harmful bacterias including E.coli and salmonella.
  • They may be nutritionally deficient.
  • Raw dog foods may cause bowel obstruction and intestinal perforations.
  • Raw foods can be more expensive.


Dog food is ideally designed to meet the basic sources required by your dog. It is specifically formulated and intended for consumption by dogs and other related canines. Dogs are considered both as carnivorous and omnivorous. There are different types of dog diets based on several characteristics that are raw dog diet, senior dog diet, low-protein dog diet, hypoallergenic dog diet, grain-free and low carbohydrate dog diet, vegetarian and vegan dog diet.

Puppies grow faster and proper nutrition plays important role for building strong bones and teeth. They need to be fed nutritious best dog food for good muscles and energy. Appropriate food is essential for healthy growth of your dog. Best food gives them various health advantages.

Feed your dog protein rich foods. Take other nutrients too into consideration. Feed them high quality commercial food. The dog food you feed should be based on your dog’s breed, age and various other criteria. Always take care about the nutritional value that are included in the food that you feed your dog to keep it healthy and disease free. Dogs are human’s best friend so choose best food for the best ones.

The intention behind this article is to spread awareness about dog foods and its types. What food are suitable to your dog and what foods should be avoided. What are the nutritional requirements of dog. To spread knowledge about different diets and food types that one can include in his dog’s food intake.


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