17 Best New Hindi Web Series For You To Watch


Web series have become everyone’s favourite mode of entertainment these days. The multiplexes and theatres are shut for a long time given the pandemic protocols. The filming of various movies and tv shows have also been put on hold and there is literally no source of entertainment on the big screen or even our tv screens. In such times web series online have become our best friends and are our only source of entertainment. Take a look at our new Hindi web series recommendation list to find the best of Netflix web series, Alt balaji web series and many more that you can watch next.

While the movie productions are halted, the digital creators have grabbed this opportunity by creating some of the best series of recent times. These web series include all genres like action thrillers, romance, romance-comedies, psychological thrillers and many more. Now we don’t need to go to movie theatres or sit with our family to entertain ourselves. Entertainment is now at our fingertips in form of cell phones and laptops. All you need is a good internet connection and some yummy snacks to kick start your entertainment with these web series online.

The digital platforms that provide digital content to the audience include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, MX player and many more. The contents available on these streaming sites are so large that views tend to get overwhelmed and confused as to which web series to watch and which one is the best. Well, worry not because we are here to make it easy for you. Below is a list of 17 amazing web series online which includes a combination of Netflix, MX player and Alt Balaji web series.

Best Hindi web series recommendation list:

The list is created while keeping in mind various preferences of our readers and includes genres like romance, family drama, action thriller, psychological thriller, erotic thrillers, horror-comedy, non-fictional stories and many more. You can pick any web series that you like. All the episodes of the shows are available for free as long as you have the ott platform subscription.

1) Bebaakee:

Now streaming on Alt balaji.

New Hindi web series

This Alt Balaji web series dwells on the tried and tested formula of a love triangle.

Bebaakee is a 2020 Alt balaji web series featuring Kushal Tandon, Shiv Jyoti Rajput and Karan Jotwani in lead roles. The story is a love triangle between two guys who are childhood buddies and one girl. TV hunk Kushal Tandon popularly known for his role as Virat in star plus show Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai is playing a bad guy who falls heads over heels for a girl. Who among the boys will manage to win over the heart of a girl is all that this web series is about. What would you do if you happen to be in place of these two best friends? Would you choose love over friendship or give up on your feelings to save your friendship? Do watch this new Hindi web series if you are in the mood for a combination of love, friendship and jealousy.

2) Hum Tum And Them:

An Alt balaji web series

Family drama
Hum Tum And Them

This Alt Balaji web series is a bold and beautiful family drama web series starring Shweta Tiwari and Akshay Oberoi in lead roles.

The story is about two single parents Shiva and Yudi. Both of them have kids who are in their teenage years. While Shiva is a mom goal that any kid will wish for Yudi is the complete opposite of it. These two different personalities fall in love with each other and try to coax their kids into accepting their relationship. Kudos to Alt Balaji for portraying that finding love for the second time should be normalised. Do watch this new Hindi web series. It is one of the best modern family drama to have come out in recent times. The web series has only 10 episodes which makes it suitable if you are planning to have a binge-watch session.

3) Dev DD:

New Hindi web series on Alt balaji

Web series online
Dev DD

Dev DD is a modern take on the Bollywood classic film Devdas. However, the Devdas here is a girl. This web series online touches on sensitive topics of society like feminism, sexism, homophobia, war with depression and many more. This year has been so overwhelming and has caused anxiety and depression to many of us. In such a crucial time watching Dev DD will sure teach you how to survive depression and the ways to come out of it. The leading lady Devika does everything that society considers is a slut behaviour but Devika has no fucks to give. Watch the strong woman on her journey through depression and then self-healing all with the help of her supportive and understanding father. Do not miss upon Dev DD at any cost.

4) Galti Se Mistech:

Alt balaji presents this web series online.

Ekta Kapoor production
Galati Se Mistech

This web series stars TV actors Anita Hasnandani and Ritvik Dhanjani in lead roles. The mighty producer of tv world, Ekta Kapoor produces the series.

The show revolves around a modern couple who eat, live and sleep on social media. We all have been structured to believe that social media are tools that help build relationships. It keeps us in touch with people who we cannot meet regularly. But this show takes on the disadvantages of social media. How being too obsessed with social media can prove to be a curse rather than a boon. The tech-savvy couple fall into many arguments all because of their digital gadgets and social media. Sounds new and funny right? Do not forget to explore a new concept in this amazing Alt Balaji web series.

This Alt Balaji web series is not a recent release but it is so underrated that we are sure most of you might have never seen or heard of it. But trust us when we say it makes a perfect package of a light-hearted watch. If you are looking for something that is easy on the heart and brain this show might be the one.

5) Bekaboo:

All episodes now streaming on Alt balaji

Alt balaji web series

Bekaboo is a 2021 web series consisting of two seasons with a total of twenty episodes. The web series is an erotica thriller. The story revolves around an erotica novel writer Kiyaan who has a name, fame, money, family and girlfriend. But his perfect life turns upside down when his seventeen-year-old fan starts stalking and exploiting him. How will Kiyaan seek his revenge and will he be able to get back everything that he lost? This erotica web series has a perfect blend of hot and spicy scenes to a revenge-driven suspense thriller plot. Do watch this new Hindi web series to find more. We guarantee you an edge of the seat story throughout this Alt Balaji web series.

6) Pati Patni aur Panga:

An MX Player original series

Web series online
Pati Patni Aur Panga

Pati Patni aur Panga promises a story that has never been explored before. This 2020 MX player new web series online deals with sensitive topics like Gender Reassessment Surgery and how a woman is still considered only a child producing machine instead of a human first. Romanchak, the guy who falls in love at first sight with Shivani drags her to the court after finding a harsh truth about her past. The story had a perfect balance of romance, family drama, and a message of social injustice towards women. Do yourself a favour and watch this web series. The story wraps up in just six episodes by delivering a crisp and strong plot. It will surely make you ponder about the current situation of woman across the globe.

7) Official Bhootiyagiri:

Best horror-comedy web series online.

New Hindi web series
Official Bhootiyagiri

Would you pay to get a haunting experience in a hotel? Well, this is what exactly happens in this MX player web series. The story revolves around Dilwar Rana who is recently released from jail for running an illegal hotel. Dilwar’s ancestral hotel is notorious for being haunted. Dilwar tries to bring back the hotel on track by giving logical reasons behind all the paranormal experience that people have had in the past, but to no use. He then decides to market his hotel as ‘the best haunting experience’. This move turns out to be a big hit but how will he deal with the haunting experience that his guests start having in the hotel? This new web series online in the horror-comedy genre is apt for your binge-watch session as it is just 5 episodes long. Do give it a try.

8) Times Of Music:

An MX original series

Musical reality
Times Of Music

We all have grown up watching music reality shows like Saregamapa, Indian Idol and many more. Sitting with our family and cheering for our favourite contestants were a weakly ritual that had to be performed. Musical reality shows are now starting to experiment with their premise and as one such show, we have is Times of Music. It is an MX player original music reality series. Unlike the typical tv reality show format where 16 contestants from across the country fight for the title over few weeks, this music show takes a fresh take on it. The show stars various well-established composers of the music industry. The composers are from different musical eras.

A few of the composers that we have on the show are Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Saleem-Sulaiman, Vishal-Shekhar, Sajid-Wajid. Do give this new Hindi web series a try along with your family and get a chance to relive your childhood nostalgia.

9) Pati Patni Aur Woh:

An MX player web series online.

Horror comedy
Pati Patni Aur Woh

This new Hindi web series is an age-old tried and tested concept of our entertainment industry but with an unexpected twist.

The concept of Pati Patni aur Woh has always attracted Indian filmmakers itself. The concept has also always managed to be a huge hit among the masses be it in form of tv shows or Bollywood movies. However, this particular hindi web series online takes the drama and excitement of the concept to another level. The three main characters of the web series are Mohan, Rimjhim and Surbhi. If you are thinking of this web series as the same old and boring love triangle then you are heavily mistaken. The concept might be repetitive but the story is not. What makes this series different from other similar contents is that the Woh in this series is a ghost. The story is not very apt to enjoy with family so please give a shot to this amazing new Hindi web series in a lonely environment.

10) Jamtara:

A Netflix original web series

None fiction work

Jamtara is a hidden gem of the web series world that deserves exploration and appreciation. This Netflix web series follows a story of a real incident. The makers of the series boldly call out the name of the notorious place from where the story draws its inspiration.

Jamtara is a story about Jamtara village of Jharkhand. It was once called the cybercrime capital of the nation. The story of the web series dwells deeper into the cyber world with a realistic approach. Every one of us, once in our life must have received a call asking us to claim a reward by sharing our bank account details. This web series revolves exactly around the plotting and execution of such cyber frauds until a day when a diligent police officer decides to put a full stop to the cybercrime world operating from the village of Jamtara. Thus begins the cat and mouse chase between the criminal and the system. Do try this new Hindi web series if you are in the mood for some real-life action.

11) Home Sweet Office:

A Dice media presentation

Wedding planning themed
Home Sweet Office

Every one of us must have at least once in our lifetime planned to start a business with our siblings. This is what our two leading ladies of this new Hindi web series does. The plot of this new mini-series by Dice media is one of its kind. We have plenty of web series and Hollywood films around wedding planning venture but none of them takes a fresh new take as this Dice media web series does. Keep reading to find what’s new. This new Hindi web series revolves around two cousins Adhira and Shagun. Popular digital face Barkha Singh plays Adhira and South actress Ishita Talwar essays the character of Shagun.

Both the cousin come together to start a wedding assisting business. But we all know it is not easy to manage a startup, moreover, their office location is their house itself. You will definitely be able to relate to this story if you are yourself a victim of work from home environment. The web series consists of just five episodes and that makes it perfect for a quick light watch. All of us have now become very familiar with the work from home set up and in a middle-class family, it is almost impossible to have a quiet working environment.

12) Hasmukh:

Netflix presents this web series online.

Crime thriller

Hasmukh is a coming of age dark comedy Netflix web series that features stand-up comedian Vir Das in the lead role. This new Hindi web series is a delight for Vir Das fans.

The web series marks Vir Das’ digital debut as an actor. However, he still plays the character of a standup comedian in his debut acting venture. Vir Das plays a stand-up comedian who struggles with performance anxiety and needs to kill people to be able to control it. A stand-up comedian turning into a serial killer, this new Netflix series provides you with a perfect blend of comedy and thriller. Do give it a try.

13) Please Find Attached:

Streaming on Netflix and Youtube for free

Millennials romance
Please Find Attached

Please Find Attached is a mini web series online by Dice Media. It stars digital hunk Ayush Mehra and the very gorgeous Barkha Singh in lead roles. They play a millennial live-in couple who are also colleagues at work. Their personal and professional life often gets mixed up which gives their relationship a bittersweet experience. The series is divided into two seasons and tells the same story. Make sure you watch the first season before jumping to the second season for a better viewing experience. The millennial drama series is 9 episodes long with a run time of 20-35 mins each episode.

14) Stories By Rabindranath Tagore:

A Netflix original series

Period drama
Stories By Rabindranath Tagore

‘Stories By Rabindranath Tagore’ is an adaptation of short stories written by Rabindranath Tagore in the late 19th and early 20th century. Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali poet, writer, philosopher and social reformer. He is best known for his literary works like Gitanjali, Chokher Bali, Gora, Ghare Baire and more. He was awarded the Nobel prize in 1913.

Acclaimed Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Basu does the job of translating Tagore’s novel by the same name and bringing to us a string of amazing short stories. This new Indian web series online is a collection of 20 different stories spread across an elaborate 26 episodes. It essays some of the most famous short stories by Rabindranath Tagore like Chokher Bali, Charulatha, Monihara and more.

Most of these stories have one thing in common and that is strong and fierce female protagonists. These protagonists from the early 20th century have their stand and refuse to give up according to society’s norms. These short stories po tray the complex nature of human relationships. Many talents like Radhika Aapte, Amrita puri showcase their acting talents through these Indian websites online. Do not miss this masterpiece Netflix web series at any cost.

15) Jestination Unknown:

A Netflix original web series online

Jestination Unknown

Jestination(destination in literal terms) is new Indian web series online. The basic premise of the story is travelling and exploring humour at the same time. Standup comedian and actor Vir Das takes a tour around five different cities of India trying to cover north to south and east to west in search of comedy and satire. A comedy that entertains the locals of the cities. His close friends and other ace comedians like Anu Menon, Amogh Ranadive, Suresh Menon, and Rohini Ramanathan accompany him in his journey.

So what is it that people of India find funny? Which cites does Vir Das cover and does he accomplish his mission of finding local humour? Let’s learn it from the person himself. Do accompany Vir Das on this beautiful and unique journey.

16) Zindagi In Short:

A Netflix Original series

Anthology series
Life In Short

‘Zindagi In Short’ is a 2020 new hindi web series online. It is an anthology film that consists of seven episodes, each of these episodes deal with a different story and depicts a different stage of human life. All these stories explore topics like online romance, marital rape, infidelity, the innocence of childhood, confusion of old age, the importance of moms in our lives and many more. The seven episodes long series has something to offer for people of all age groups.

These stories are a treat to watch and are only 15-20 mins long. If you are planning to binge-watch something in a short period then this is for you.

17)One Mic Stand:

Now streaming in Amazon Prime

Standup comedy
One Mic Stand

One Mic Stand is a stand-up comedy show by Amazon Prime. The web series online is five episodes long with 10 well known public faces. Five of them are professional stand up comedians and five are other popular celebrities helming from different walks of life. This Indian web series online is one of its kind. Do check it out.

The show doesn’t follow the standard rule of standup comedy where a stand-up comedian entertains the audiences with his well-rehearsed performance. Twist its Amazon prime pairs five professional standup comedians with five well know celebrities. The pairing goes as follows- Bhuvan Bam (YouTuber) and Zakir Khan(standup comedian), Tapsee Pannu (actress) and Angad Singh Ranyal(standup comedian), Richard Chaddha(actress) and Ashish Shakya(standup comedian), Shashi Tharoor(politician and writer) and Kunal Kamra(politician) and Vishal Dadlani(singer) and Rohan Joshi(standup comedian). the professional standup comedian trains the celebrities to perform stand-up comedy act. The celebrities, at last,t have to perform in front of the audience.

We hope you like our recommended web series. Please stay home and stay safe. Stay tuned for more entertainment related info.


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