13 Best Web Series That Are Slightly Underrated.

Best web series

Ever since the introduction of web series this form of entertainment has captivated a huge audience all over the world. The entertainment industry is now not only limited to TV screens or movie theatres but extends to your laptops and mobile phones. It has also made international content far more accessible as one only needs a gadget and internet connection. There are various online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MX Player, Hotstar, Zee 5, Song Liv, where you can stream some of the best web series from across the globe. The availability of content is so vast that it sometimes leaves the viewers overwhelmed and confused as to which web series to watch first. We have selected a few of the best web series from a vast ocean of available content.

Here’s a list of the best web series for you to binge-watch.


1) F.R.I.E.N.D.S: 

There is no one in this world who hasn’t heard about this popular American Sitcom at least once in their lifetime. Friends revolve around the lives of six best friends, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe Joey, and Chandler.

Best web series
Released: 1994
No of seasons: 10
No of episodes: 236
Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer.


These six best friends in their mid-20s share an apartment in Manhatten New York and navigate through their life together with each other’s support. They say friends are your other family and this sitcom justifies it in every sense. Monica is a head chef at a top restaurant in Manhatten and her only life goal now is to settle down with a special someone. Rachel, a rich brat now works as a waitress. Ross has a big-time crush on Rachel. Joey is a struggling actor who wishes to make it big one day. He is supported by his friend Chandler who supports him financially in his acting gigs. Together these six best friends will take you on a ride that is full of laughter, romance, and friendship. This is one of the best web series ever produced.

2) A Series Of Unfortunate Events: 

‘A Series Of Unfortunately Events’ is a science fiction fantasy web series premiering on Netflix since 2017. The web series is adapted from Lemony Snicket’s series of books of the same name.

A series of unfortunate events

Released: 2017
No of seasons: 3
No of episodes: 25
Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Main a Weissman, Louis Hynes, K.Todd Freeman, Lucy Punch, more.


It tells the story of three siblings Violet, Sunny and Klaus Baudelaire. The three siblings get orphaned when their parents die in an unfortunate event. The siblings juggle through various foster homes before their distant uncle Count Olaf decides to adopt them. But, uncle Count’s intentions are not noble as he just wants to inherit the fortunes of the Baudelaire family before the kids reach legal age. The siblings become aware of their uncle’s intentions and oppose him. While doing so they also set on a journey to find the real cause behind their parent’s as they smell conspiracy in the way their parents died. Will the kids be able to do so? What actions do they take during the process? This is one of the best web series in the mystery-thriller genre with a dash of sci-fi. It is a must must-watch.

3) Brooklyn Nine-Nine : 

A cop drama web series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a perfect combination of comedy and police procedural drama. Follow the web series to watch these detectives solve a variety of cases in NYC.

Best web series
Released: 2013
No of seasons: 7
No of episodes: 143
Cast: Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, more.


Set in Brooklyn, New York this Netflix web series revolves around a bunch of detectives in the New York Police Department. Headed by Captain Raymond Holt, an intellectual and strict superior these bunch of detectives goes on to solve various cases in Brooklyn. Another major character is Jake Peralta who is an ace detective with a high rate of successfully solved cases which has people perplexed because his character is the fun-loving and jolly guy. The other characters also have their respective personality traits like a detective who is scared of dying on duty, another who hates her job and is a social media junkie. Do join these detectives as they solve cases partnered with laughter that their distinct characters bring.

4) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 

This web series had lower ratings throughout the four seasons but had a popular cult base. That’s how it makes our best web series recommendation list.

Crazy ex girlfriend

Released: 2015
No of seasons: 4
No of episodes: 62
Cast: Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, Vincent Rodriguez III, Vella Lovell, more.


The plot narrates the story of Rebecca Bunch, a well established real estate lawyer in New York but at the same time suffers from anxiety and depression. One day she bumps into Josh, her crush from her summer camp when she was young. Josh happens to tell Rebecca that city life in NYC is quite not his type and that he is moving back to his hometown in California. Rachel recently faced a professional glitch so it encourages her to leave the company and follow Josh, in hopes of the pursuit of her teenage crush. Rebecca joins a local law firm in California and starts a casual relationship with Josh’s friend Greg. The show shows Rebecca having multiple flings but she later decides to heal herself emotionally and physically before looking for love. Thus she sets on a journey of self-healing.

5) The Crown: 

Based on the life of the royal family of the UK and mainly on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, ‘The Crown’ is a historical drama web series.

Best web series
Released: 2013
No of seasons: 4
No of episodes: 40
Cast: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, John Lithgow.


The first season of the four seasoned web series focuses on Queen Elisabeth’s marriage to Prince Phillipe, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. The second season portrays events like the Suez crisis that made Prime Minister Anthony Eden retire, the scandal of the Profumo affair and the birth of Prince Edward in 1964. The third season revolves around Harold Wilson and Edward Heathe’s regime is Prime Ministers. Camille Shand, now Duchess of Cornwall is also introduced in this season. The fourth season focuses on Princess Diana Spencer’s life. Some shocking revelations were made during this season. The series is said to conclude in a fifth and sixth season which will cover the Queen Elizabeth II region in the 21st century. If you are someone who follows the royal family this web series is for you.

6) Dharmkshetra: 

No Indian needs an introduction to ‘Mahabharata‘ as they have listened to the story and teachings of it from their grandmothers and mothers in form of bedtime stories. But, if you are one of our non-Indian readers we’ll give you a little introduction to what is Mahabharata and how is this show related to it.

Released: 2014
No of seasons: 1
No of episodes: 26
Cast: Kashmira Irani, Ankit Arora, Gaurav Ghatnekar, Anjali Rana, Amir Behl, more.


Mahabharata was an 18 days battle fought between Kauravas and Pandavas that lead to critical bloodshed. The war was fought by Pandavas to avenge the insult that their mother and wife had to face. This Netflix web series Dharmkshetra tells the story after the conclusion of the war. All the members who participated in the war and remained alive were presented in the court of ‘Chitragupata’ to give justification for their actions on basis of which they would be rather sent to heaven or hell. This web series is one of the best web series with a fresh take on the epic battle of Mahabharata.

7) The Good Wife: 

A story of strong young woman as she decides to turn back to her professional life to support herself and her two kids. The series won five Emmy awards and Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding achievement in drama.

The good wife

Released: 2009
No of seasons: 7
No of episodes: 156
Cast: Julianna Marguilies, Christine Baranski, Matt Czuchry, Archie Panjabi, more.


‘The Good Wife’ has to be in every ‘ best web series’ list that you find across the Internet. The web series garnered a huge cult base and also received critical acclaim. The story of the web series revolves around Alicia Florrick. Alicia has been an outstanding wife and a mother of two for the past seven years. But now her life has turned upside down as she needs to provide for her and her two kids after her husband Peter has been jailed following his involvement in a notorious corruption and sex scandal. Alicia decides to go back to her career as a lawyer. Alicia is now all set to encounter new challenges in her life. Do watch this web series and join Alicia in her life adventures.

8) It Happens Only In India: 

Come explore India’s unique and diverse culture with this web series. This is a must-watch.

It happens only in india

Released: 2012
Cast: Hosted by Sugandha Garg, formerly hosted by Malishka.


‘It Happens Only In India’ is a docudrama television series that will take you on a journey through various cities of India. The host explores various known and unknown traditions and customs of India that will leave you both amused and shocked at the same time. To get a sneak peek into the rich traditions and customs of India do watch this amazing web series.

9) Khotey Sikkey: 

How a top cop teams up with a group of ex-criminals to stop the increasing number of crimes in the city of Mumbai? The story conveys the message that everyone deserves a second chance and how the right guidance from the right person can change your life forever.

Best web series
Released: 2011
No, if seasons: 1
No of episodes: 25
Cast: Hassan Zaidi, Vikas Kumar, Sukhmani Sadna, Mark Furokh Parek, Puru Chibber, more.


Khotey Sikkey is one of the best web series in the thriller genre. It revolves around a top cop Damodar Deshmukh and his five allies who were once a criminal. The number of cfi.es by youths is increasing in the city of Mumbai and the Mumbai Police department finds it difficult to understand the cause of the crimes and how they can stop it. This is when Damodar Deshmukh forms a team of five young criminals from Mumbai to be able to understand the youth’s mind and the reasons that lead them to commit a certain crime. This amazing web series is a must-watch if you are a fan of shows like CID or Savdhaan India.

10) Lust Stories:

Four different stories directed by four different directors, this Indian web series was an instant hit among the masses. Do give it a try.

Lust stories
Released: 2018
No of seasons: 1
No of episodes: 4
Cast: Kiara Advani, Radhika Apte, Bhumi Pednekar, Neha Dhupia, Sanjay Kapoor, more.


Lust Stories is a compilation of four different stories from four different directors namely Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar and Dibaker Banerjee.

The four different stories about four different women and their separate desires are as follows:

1) Kalindi played by Radhika Apte is a college professor who engages in a one night stand with one of her students named Tejas. The next morning she reaffirms herself that it was just a one night stand and it means nothing more. However, when she learns that Tejas is starting a relationship with one of his classmates she doesn’t seem to digest it.

2) Sudha(Bhumi Pednekar), is a maid to Ajit with whom she also shares a passionate sexual relationship. One day Ajit’s parents visit him with a marriage proposal and Ajit doesn’t object to it. Both the bride and groom family discuss the marriage scenarios in Ajit’s living room which gets Sudha uncomfortable. Maybe she has expected something from Ajit. Was it right for her to do so?

3) Reena(Manisha Koirala), is a banker who is having an extramarital affair with Sudhir, her husband’s close friend. Salman, her husband seems to have smelled this and he discusses it with his close friend Sudhir without the slightest bit of hint that it is Sudhir himself who is having an affair with his wife. Will Salman ever discover the betrayal by his wife and close friend? Do check out this web series to know more.

4) Megha, played by Kiara Advani is a young school teacher who is sexually dissatisfied with her husband in bed. Knowing her right to the sexual pleasure she tries to use a vibrator but is caught by the family and is asked to divorce her husband given that she has committed a crime by exploring her sexual desires. Will, will she do it? Will she give up her husband or her pleasures. Check this web series to know more.

11) Delhi Crime: 

The story of the ‘Nirbhaya Rape Case 2012’ and the investigation that followed after is narrated through the web series.

Delhi crime

Released: 2019
No of seasons: 1
No of episodes:  7
Cast: Shefali Shah, Rasika Duggal, Adil Hussain.


International Emmy award-winning crime drama this Indian web series on Netflix is based on the heinous rape incident that happened in Delhi in 2012. The rape incident shook the nation to its core. This Netflix web series tracks down the story of the incident and the investigation that follows. How the investigation unfolds? Is justice served in end? Try out this Indian web series on Netflix to find out.

12) Mrs America: 

A fight between feminists and anti-feminists, the web series narrates the story of America in the 1970s when the Equal Rights Amendment was in the process to be ratified.

Bat web series
Released: 2020
No of seasons: 1
No of episodes: 9
Cast: Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Banks, Margo Martindale, Jhon Slattery, Tracy Ullman, Sarah Paulson.


In case if the title of the web series and the poster got you thinking that this is a beauty pageant show with lots of glamour involved, we are so sorry to break your heart. This web series, set in the 1970s is a political drama that essays the story of one of the greatest socialist movements of history. The story revolves around Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative activist and her campaign to stop the Equal Rights Amendment bill from being ratified. The Equal Rights Amendment bill guarantees the equal right to all citizens of America irrespective of Sex. Now the question arises as to why would someone want to oppose such a law? Well, that is what this web series has in the box for you. Do check out this amazing web series.

13) The Man In The High Castle: 

The Man In The High Castle is a historical period drama American web series adapted from Philip K Dick’s novel of the same name.

The man in the high castle

Released: 2015
No of seasons: 4
No of episodes: 40
Cast: Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Quallas, Joel De La Fuente, more


Set in 1962, the story explores the idea where the Axis powers of Germany and Japan have won world war II and now rule the world. The Axis powers have divided America into three parts, a Nazi ruled America to the east of Rocky Mountain, a Japanese ruled America to the west of the Rocky Mountains, and the Rocky Mountain range acting as a buffer zone. With excellent cinematography and brilliant direction and acting performances, the web series manages to carry its viewers back in time to 1962. This is one of the best web series of recent times.

This was it from us in our Best Web Series recommendation list. Stay tuned for more entertainment-related info. Until then, Happy Binge Watching!!!

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